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8:30 am in theMain Office Conference Room


Principal's Message  
Dear Somerville High School Community:

As we reach the mid point of the 2013-2014 school year we remain committed to meeting the academic needs of our students while providing a healthy and safe educational environment for all our participants. This “All In” commitment made by district staff and administration fosters collaboration in support of our students. 

We  continue to analyze and monitor our programs to ensure that we are providing services that are second to none.  We are presently exploring enhancements in the areas of guidance services, post secondary transitional services, and programs that integrate the community and curriculum.  These Wildly Important Goals (WIG) are providing us with an opportunity to research, explore, implement and/or improve already established programs.  


As a school community we will work together and continue to strive for excellence.  We are “All In” at the Ville!   

Gerard T. Foley
Updated on 01/23/2014 

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The Somerville High School community is committed to increasing 
opportunities for active student, teacher, parent, and community engagement through a programmatic framework.

 SHS Mission Statement

 “SHS is a community of learners that embraces a student’s ability to promote their growth through a variety of skill sets.  Our extensive academic and extracurricular programs will encourage critical thinking and innovative patterns of thought while promoting a global perspective with real world applications. In preparation for career fields of the 21st century, students will be able to effectively analyze relevant global trends and events in an instructional environment that reinforces cross-curricular connections.”



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