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 #allin4theVille Awards

Is there a staff member you would like to show your "thanks" to?
Let's show our employees how thankful we are for them by recognizing staff members for their outstanding efforts!  
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2015-16  2014-15
  Somerville High School   Somerville High School 

Mike Skomba

Matt Krempasky

Darad Damaschke

Dr. Shawn Temple

Joseph Pugh 

Laura Manziano

Angela Goff

Aida Wahba

Vern Underwood

Danielle Zurawiecki 

  Somerville Middle School    Somerville Middle School     

Allison Parajon

Lindsey Kulis 

Stephen Loreti

Rodney Weems

Matthew DeBlock 

Van Derveer Elementary School  Van Derveer Elementary School  

Yolima Vasquez

Holly Ehrnman

Kerry Foote

Brennen Thompson

Dora Underwood 

Eileen Barist

Lindsay Frevert

Johann Derflinger 

Charlene Tackvic

Michael Guilarte

Meghan Royack

 District  District 

Sheila Deck

Marietta Gamba

Joan Thorne