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Van Derveer Elementary School
Preschool - Grade 2
2016-17 WIG 
vdv-nov16 update  
November 2016 Update 
During the 2016-2017, the PS-2 staff continue their unwavering commitment to building the strong literacy foundation in all of our students.  The success of the 2015-2016 WIG will be built upon in the 2016-2017 WIG.   This year the focus will be to apply phonetic principles to strengthen fluency and comprehension.  This is the natural next step to last year’s WIG based on the analysis of the data.  We will again work as a focused team to achieve this as we will continue to foster each child’s needs while maintaining high academic and behavioral expectations.  Every kindergarten through second grade student will have an individual word ring to practice nightly.  The trick words and words of the day will  be integrated into all components of the instructional day from displayed  on the PRO's station to cross curricular actives.  The staff will continue to provide parental support in a plethora of avenues to continue to strengthen the strong home/school partnerships, a cornerstone of the PS-2 community.

Van Derveer Elementary School
Preschool - Grade 2
JUne 2016 VDV WIG  
June Update
As we reflect on the WIG data of the year, we are overwhelmed with pride with the achievement of our students and their success.  With a focused emphasis on phonics in every PS-2 classroom, the teachers were committed to our school-wide goal and the noteworthy results exemplify this.  The students exhibited tremendous growth as they mastered fundamental phonics skills.  In addition to the explicit instruction in the classroom, a plethora of school-wide activities took place.  An interactive bulletin board, word cards placed throughout the building and special area integration ensured the students were meaningfully and fully immersed. A strong partnership with our families enhanced the fulfillment of the WIG including monthly family activities, instructional parent videos and a Partnership Portal of resources on the PS-2 website.  The attainment of our WIG exemplifies the commitment of the PS-2 Van Derveer Staff for being All In for our students.

 vdv-ps-2 wig
February Update
The PS-2 school community has embraced the WIG into every aspects of our instructional days and beyond!  Every student in Kindergarten through second grades receive direct phonics instruction using a multi-sensory, research based approach.  In addition to this block, literacy is integrated throughout the day.  In an effort to strengthen our partnership with the parent community, several initiatives have been developed and expanded.  A Partnership Portal on the PS-2 website provides resources for parents.  Additionally, information videos and parent seminars are presented to the parents.  The school community has embraced the power of technology as all teachers utilize Twitter to highlight programs and learning, using #partners4progress (which also feeds into the school website) and Periscope, an interactive video stream, to engage students with bedtime stories and parents with a peek in to the classrooms.  Quarterly evening programs are hosted to reiterate what the students are learning in the classroom and am opportunity for the parents to learn more strategies to support their children at home. The hallways are displayed with trick words, a bulletin board showcases best practice strategies and all students practice their own words on an individualized word ring.
Currently, all students are participating in a March myOn Madness, a school-wide competition to encourage students to read the most minutes.  The more the students read, the better readers they become.

November 2015 Update
The Preschool to Grade 2 Wildly Important Goal for the 2015-2016 school year is to improve phonemic awareness skills in students to foster literacy development.  The Van Derveer Staff will partner with parents to promote pupil progress.  Through the implementation of a phonics based program as part of our balanced literacy program coupled with increased parent communication, including a twitter hashtag (#VDVpartners4progress), periscope, partnership portal on the website and trainings the WIG is a focus every day in the PS-2 community.

Van Derveer Elementary School
Preschool - Grade 2
Final Update 
The PS-2 Van Derveer Community truly focused on applying communication and literacy opportunities through meaningful and engaging learning experiences.  The students engaged in learning centers which enabled meaningful application and practice of skills while utilizing technology and a variety of integrated, differentiated resources.  Differentiated assessments were utilized to monitor the students' progress.  Staff collaboration within and across grade levels, including special area teachers, enhanced cross-curricular connections for the students.  The PS-2 school community is committed to continuing to tailor instruction to meet the needs of the students through meaningful engagement.  
WIG  Final  

February WIG Update
The preschool to second grade staff has maintained our school WIG at the forefront of the instructional day.  As teachers reflect on their instructional practice and continue to analyze student data, student's needs are met through differentiated learning centers, evolving RTI groups and authentic learning opportunities.  The staff continues to differentiate assessments to ensure the student's depth of learning is tailored to the students' needs. 
 February WIG_PS-2  

November WIG Update:
The preschool to second grade staff are committed to providing students with daily opportunities to apply communication and literacy through meaningful and engaging learning experiences.  The staff will "synthesize subjects for student success".  During this kaleidoscope of learning our Wildly Important Goal remains the focal point of our daily interactions and instruction.
November WIG Update