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Important Registration Information for Homeless/Displaced Students
The Somerville Public Schools liaison for homeless and displaced students is:
Dr. Tanya McDonald
Director of Special Education
(908) 218-4100

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The Optical Academy 

The Optical Academy is coming to
Somerville High School on Friday, March 13th,
from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. They will provide discount eye exams, glasses and contacts for students, staff and the community.
For more information contact
Patrick Frain at
All students wishing to get an exam must have their permission slips in one week in advance.

Board of Education Statement on Negotiations

Update on Negotiations

Congratulations Dr. Timothy Purnell!
New Jersey's 2015 Superintendent of the Year

Blue Ribbon  

Somerville Public Schools has been designated as a "high performing" school district by the New Jersey Department of Education. 


Somerville Public Schools has been named a District of Distinction!
Special thanks to Mr. Timothy Teehan (Academic Achievement Officer) and the VDV/SMS staff

Dr. Timothy J. Purnell
Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Purnell
(Click photo for Dr. Purnell's biography)
In July 2014, the Somerville Board of Education revised the district Mission Statement and formulated the inaugural Core Values/Belief Statements listed below with stakeholder input through a community survey.  These Core Values/Belief Statements will serve as the framework for the development of the new district Strategic Plan 2015-20 Vision 2020.
Revised Mission Statement
Somerville Schools provide the highest quality education through an environment that promotes individual excellence.
Core Values/Beliefs
1.    We believe that children learn best in a challenging, motivating, safe, secure, nurturing, encouraging, and respectful environment that fosters a love of lifelong learning.
2.    We believe in providing learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of each individual child.
3.    We believe that the mosaic of every child includes the fine arts, STEAM, and extracurricular activities.
4.    We believe that professional development is essential to the fabric of the teaching profession allowing teachers to build on current practices and constantly improve instruction.
5.    We believe in a collaborative approach to learning and engagement that includes students, district employees, parents, community members, and community partnerships.
Needs Assessment Goals for the Strategic Plan 2015-20:  Vision 2020
The needs assessment goals are to collect and analyze data in an effort to create a strategy to bridge the gap between the district’s current conditions and desired conditions.  Additional desired outcomes of the process include increasing organizational trust through stakeholder engagement, celebrating successes, and identifying new initiatives for consideration.   
Charting Course for Vision 2020
This year, as superintendent, I am meeting with stakeholders in both Somerville and Branchburg to collect information for the development of our new Vision 2020 Strategic Plan.  Please feel free to provide me with input through my “Talk with Tim” initiative by clicking on the logo above.  You can also tweet me @SchoolSup with the hashtag #Ville2020. If you would rather meet in person, kindly contact my assistant, Joni Thorne, at (908)218-4100 to set up a convenient time to meet.
 Talk With Tim
Communicating Progress
Last year, we launched the newly developed District Dashboard to keep the community apprised of progress towards the district strategic plan.  This year we are using the District Dashboard to chart progress towards each school’s WIG (Wildly Important Goal).  Annual WIGs are developed at our summer administrative workshop and provide focus areas for each building.  We were introduced to this concept through an administrative book study entitled Four Disciplines of Execution (written by McChesney, Covey, and Huling).  School WIG progress is assessed through a rubric (provided via a hyperlink from the District Dashboard).  I also conduct monthly purpose-driven walkthroughs alongside of the principal of each building.  These walkthroughs concentrate on monitoring progress towards building WIG achievement and improving classroom instruction.
We will update the District Dashboard four times throughout the course of the school year based on interim assessments (November, February, and May) and a summative evaluation (June).  You can view the District Dashboard and progress by clicking here.
As a reminder, I encourage stakeholders to logon to my YouTube channel to view various aspects of our educational programs, follow me on Twitter @SchoolSup, logon to and comment on my blog at, and/or download the district app Somerville PS.  I am here to serve the communities of Somerville and Branchburg, and look forward to your input into Vision 2020!
Email Dr. Purnell at, follow him on Twitter or read his blog: 
Dr. Purnell's Twitter LinkedIn

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