• Welcome to the College & Career Page!
    Welcome back!  I hope you had a relaxing and fun summer break!  This page will be updated throughout the year with important information regarding college open houses, visits, scholarship opportunities, and much more!
    Seniors, this information is for you: 
    1)  Please log into Naviance and check to see which schools are coming to visit.  Signup for a few to receive valuable information about schools you are considering.
    2) Apply! Apply! Apply for scholarships!  Apply to as many as you're eligible!  There are many people who want to pay for your college education - let them!  See my resources page to start.  
    3) Open houses are great way to get to know a campus.  See my list below and go out and visit.
    4) Have you consider the military?  There are great benefits & flexible options in all of the armed forces.
    5) Are you looking into a trade?  Apprenticeships are a great way to great training that lead to higher wage paying jobs. Come see me, I can help.
    6) Looking for a part-time job?  Check out the Job posting board outside the Guidance Office.  Working after school is a great way to save up for books and other educational expenses.
    1) What can make you stand out on a college application.  Look to become involved in school and community organizations.  Two or three activities with progressive responsibilities speaks volumes to Admissions Officers.  Consider a leadership role within an organization!
    2) College tours and campus visits can be scheduled throughout the state and country.  Think about spending some time visiting a campus sometime this fall.  You have three educational days, use them wisely!
    3) Volunteer!  There are numerous volunteer opportunities in our area.  Volunteering opens doors for future work, communicates interest in a particular area, helps those who need it, and has intrinsic benefits. 
    4) College Entrance Exams - Consider taking the SAT or ACT this spring. I recommend taking both! Visit www.collegeboard.com or www.actstudent.org for more information about the test including registration, deadlines, score reporting, and sample questions.
    Mr. Jeremy Hudson
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                                                             OPEN HOUSES:
    University of Maryland - College Park - June 24th

     Please see my list of helpful resources for specific information