• Mission Statement

    Somerville Public Schools provide the highest quality education through an environment that promotes individual excellence for all students.

    Core Values/Beliefs

    1. We believe that children learn best in a challenging, motivating, safe, secure, nurturing, encouraging, and respectful environment that fosters a love of lifelong learning.
    2. We believe in providing learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of each individual child.
    3. We believe that the mosaic of every child includes the fine arts, STEAM, and extracurricular activities.
    4. We believe that professional development is essential to the fabric of the teaching profession allowing teachers to build on current practices and constantly improve instruction.
    5. We believe in a collaborative approach to learning and engagement that includes students, district employees, parents, community members, and community partnerships.


    Strategic Themes

    Strategic Themes were established at the August 29, 2015 Board of Education Summer Workshop in an effort to identify areas of focus for the district's five-year strategic plan (#VISION2020) which takes into account the Mission Statement and Core Beliefs.   The Board developed these themes and year 1 targets after a careful review of all data and information collected through the community-wide needs assessment survey.  Subsequent annual goals are established each year at the Board of Education Summer Workshop and approved by Board resolution (current year was approved at the 9/6/16 BOE meeting).  Ongoing input and feedback is welcomed via email and/or tweeting with the hashtag #Ville2020.   

    VISION2020 Strategic Themes and Annual Goals


    1.  Building Cultural Competence

    Year 1 Goal (2015-2016):  Mobilize a team of staff members for trauma-sensitive training for the 2015-2016 school year.

    Status:  COMPLETED

    Year 2 Goal (2016-2017):  To implement the recommendations of the Trauma Sensitive Task Force.

    Status:  COMPLETED

    Year 3 Goal (2017-2018):  To provide cultural sensitivity training to all staff members during the 2017-2018 school year.

    Status:  IN PROGRESS

    2.  Preparing for College and Career

    Year 1 Goal (2015-2016): Implement the M.A.P.S. program (a non-traditional high school program with no grade levels, long uninterrupted blocks of learning, rolling graduation, blended learning, and competency based education).

    Status:  COMPLETED

    Year 2 Goal (2016-2017):  To administer a survey to SHS graduates, analyze trends/patterns in college/career preparedness, and present findings to the Board of Education (Presented at the 3/21/17 BOE Meeting)

    Status:  COMPLETED

    Year 3 Goal (2017-2018):  To launch a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) academy for the 2018-2019 school year.

    Status:  IN PROGRESS

    3.  Growing Professional Development Opportunities

    Year 1 Goal (2015-2016):  Launch a robust 3DPD, online professional development "best practice" repository.

    Status:  COMPLETED

    Year 2 Goal (2016-2017):  To provide a six-part professional development series to parents and community members in the area of social and emotional development.

    Status: COMPLETED - 6 Sessions

      1. Coach Randy Nathan: Project NextGen (10/27/16)
      2. Harassment, Intimidation and Bulling: How the Law Works and What Parents Should Look For (1/10/17)
      3. Dealing with a difficult child and don't know what to do?  Paper Tigers Viewing (2/2/17)
      4. Mental Health and Resiliency: Building Skills to Help Students Cope Socially, Behaviorally, and Emotionally (2/28/17)
      5. The Blunt Truth:  The Effects of Marijuana on the Teen Brain (3/23/17)
      6. The Heroin Addiction Epidemic in Suburbia (6/1/17)

    Year 3 Goal (2017-2018):  To educate staff and community about the newly adopted New Jersey School Boards Association written policies.

    Status:  IN PROGRESS