• Suzanne DiOrio- Science
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of the human body in
    Anatomy & Physiology!
     Although I never cease to be amazed at how remarkable the human body is, I would never try to convince you that studying it is easy!!  The study of human Anatomy & Physiology has its own special terminology.  It requires understanding of the concepts, the rote memorization of facts and the ability to synthesize the important effects our body systems have upon one another. We will apply learned concepts in a clinical context and immediately start to see connections through realistic case studies. Knowledge of the structure and function of the human body is essential for those planning a career in the health sciences , yet also beneficial for everyone, providing understanding of overall health, disease and evaluating recommended treatments.
     Welcome also to the amazing world of the Physical Sciences through Physics!
     You can't fully enjoy a game unless you know its rules. We begin by looking at some of nature's basic rules through Physics concepts.  Cars are constructed with crumble zones, boxers "ride a punch" and roller coasters are built based on the principles of physics!!! Learning the rules of light changes the way you see blue skies, white clouds, and rainbows... 
    IT's All PHYSICS!!!!!!!
    Let's have a fun and rewarding year!!!!