• Classroom Expectations:                                                                                                                                                                                                             

    chalk    *    Be on time or have a signed and dated pass.

    *    Be seated, quiet, and ready to begin class when the bell rings with your notebook, chrome book, and a pen.

    *    Respect yourself and the people and property of your surroundings.*

    *    Use appropriate language in class.

    *    Be prepared for every class with all necessary classroom materials including the current text we are reading.

    *    Maintain an organized notebook. Keep handouts in a folder separate from your notes. Keep a record of all work in your notebook or binder.

    *    Raise your hand, wait to be called upon before you speak, and do not interrupt others.

    *    Obtain the phone number/e-mail address of a reliable classmate. Contact this person when you are absent to find out assignments and announcements. Check homework online as well.

    *    Do not be afraid to ask for help. Please schedule a time with me for extra help before an assessment. I will gladly help you with your work.


    *Respectful behavior means being polite and accepting everyone’s right to his or her own opinions and beliefs. A variety of viewpoints and backgrounds adds culture and value to our classroom community.
    Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for Somerville High School rules and consequences.

    Classroom Procedures:

    When students enter the classroom they should:

    *    Place their homework in the homework bin or submit on google classroom.

    *    Sit down in their assigned seats.

    *    Write down their homework in their planner/agenda book.

    *    Complete the Do Now activity or follow the directions on the board.

    When students leave the classroom they should:

    *    Clean the area around their desk.

    *    Make sure all books, handouts, etc. have been taken with them.


    owl Materials:

             Students must be prepared for class every day. These are the materials they will need:

                            *       Planner/Agenda Book

                            *    3 Ring Binder or Folder

                            *    Notebook with Perforated Pages (No small composition books)

                            *    Pens 


    Homework, Tests, and Quizzes Policy:

    *   Homework is written in the same place on the board daily, and it will be updated on google classroom.

    *    Homework will be checked on its due date

    for completion and correctness.

    *    Students who are absent are responsible for checking online and with me for missed assignments.

    *    Students are required to make up any missed work within two days of the absence or the student will receive a zero and must follow the procedures listed in the Student Code of Conduct. Late work will only be accepted due to absence, otherwise, no credit will be given for late assignments.  


    A final average of 65% or better is required. Throughout the length of this course, students will be evaluated on the basis of:

    *    Unit tests, Quizzes, Performance Assessments, Projects, and Essays 75%

    *    Classwork 15%

    *    Homework 10%

    *    Final Examination

    *Plagiarism and/or Cheating are not tolerated. A zero will be given for that assignment. Please refer to the Student Code of
    Conduct for Somerville High School rules and consequences.