• Sixth Grade Social Studies Course Expectations  

    Homework & Classwork Assignments
    • All assignments are due when you arrive in your Social Studies class.  

    • All Homework that is completed and turned in on time will earn a grade of 100 %.

    • Any assignment that is incomplete on the students’ behalf will receive a 50 %.

    • Late assignments turned in after class will not be accepted for credit and will result in a grade of 0 (zero) for that assignment.

    • The teacher reserves the right to grade homework assignments and count them as a quiz grade.

    • Take  advantage of the Homework club after school Monday thru Thursday from 3:00 - 4:00


    • Each student will be assigned four different Social Studies textbooks throughout their sixth grade academic year. These include:

    Foundations of Geography

    The Ancient World

    Asia and the Pacific

    Latin America
    • These are new textbooks and are required to be covered at all times.

    • The student will be liable to pay for damages to a textbook upon notification from a teacher or administrator. The loss of a textbook will result in the payment for its replacement.

    Grading Policy

    Tests = 45 %
    Quizzes = 15 %
    Projects = 20 % *
    Homework = 10 %
    Classwork = 10 %

    *For each project, an outline and a rubric will be distributed to every student.


    • Absences from class may hurt your grade because you will miss valuable class material and the opportunity to participate.

    • All students who are absent from class are responsible to meet with the teacher to receive any work that they have missed.


    • Power School may be accessed through the district website 

    • The Power School Parent Portal will allow you to check your student's grades on a regular basis.

    • This portal will give both home & school the same point of reference and will facilitate open lines of communication between the school and the home.

    • Any missing work will be counted as a 0 (zero) until it is received by the teacher

    • Powerschool will be updated on a regular basis.


    Be Respectful

    • Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking

    • Listen when others are speaking

    • Talk quietly and politely

    • Mind your own business

    Be Responsible

    • Write in your homework agenda book during each class

    • Follow directions the first  time given

    • Complete your daily assignments

    • Bring things to class when they are due

    • Be honest about your actions

    • Clean the area around you when leaving class

    • Be an active member of the class - participate

    Be Safe

    • Keep hands, feet, & objects to yourself

    • Sit appropriately in your seat

    • Enter and exit the classroom quietly

    • Use all materials properly

    Be Kind

    • Use kind words towards one another

    • Be helpful to others

    • Give encouragement to your classmates

    • Cooperate with others

    • Respect the thoughts & feelings of others

    • Include everyone in group activities.