• Somerville School District

    School-Student-Parent Compact


    The Somerville School district is working to provide a supportive and successful climate for all students. We believe that a working relationship among students, parents, and staff must be maintained to ensure a positive education for students. To keep this relationship strong, certain expectations must be achieved by each group.

    As a Student, I agree to be responsible in the following:


    •   Come to school every day ready to learn and work hard
    •   Read and study for all subjects on a regular basis
    •   Do my best while I am working to improve my learning
    •   Complete all my classwork and homework everyday
    •   Seek out assistance before, during, and/or after school for skills and concepts not fully understood
    •   Know and follow school and class rules
    •   Respect everyone


    As a Teacher, I will encourage and support students’ learning in this school by doing the following:


    •   Teach classes through interesting and challenging lessons that promote student achievement
    •   Motivate my students to learn
    •   Have high expectations and help every child to develop a love of learning
    •   Communicate regularly with families about student progress
    •   Help each student achieve the school’s high academic standards
    •   Provide necessary assistance to parents so they can help their child learn
    •   Respect the school, student, staff, and families


    As a Parent or Guardian who has legal responsibility for the child, I agree to be responsible for supporting my child in the following ways as he/she learns:


    •   Establish a daily routine for homework, studying, and extracurricular activities
    •   Encourage my child to read (newspapers, magazines, books, etc.)
    •   Check assignments for completion and understanding
    •   Encourage my child to seek extra assistance
    •   Promote discussion about the school day
    •   Monitor my child’s television viewing, computer usage, and electronic game playing
    •   Work with my child’s teacher on a regular basis to improve my child’s learning
    •   Participate in school activities, such as school decision making, volunteering, and/or attending parent/teacher conferences
    •   Respect the school, staff, students, and families
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