• Just for G.I.R.L.S. (7th grade)

    Based on the book, Girls In Real Life Situations, this group focuses on enhancing group members’ social and emotional development in multiple areas through real-life examples. Activities and discussions cover image and self-esteem development, making smart choices, improving communication skills, controlling emotions, building relationships, managing stress, and how to reach out for help. This group will continue all year.  

    Just for Boys (7th grade)

    This group gives the boys a chance to break the Boy Code! This group will help its members participate in activities and discussions about their experiences inside and outside of school and will provide them with techniques for approaching everyday struggles and successes. Specific topics will be based on the needs and interests of the specific group members. This group will continue all year. 

    Moving on Up - Organization and Motivation (7th & 8th grades)

    This group will be a blend of strategies to increase organization and motivation. The first half of the sessions will help students identify what their unique organizational needs are and set a goal for themselves related to their need. The rest of the sessions will focus on setting personal and academic goals for performance and involves activities to help students’ increase their motivation to achieve those goals. The members of the group also receive ongoing support to help them maintain focus and actively work toward increasing motivation in other areas.



  • SMS Counseling Groups


    Counseling groups are offered twice a year by Dr. Sroczynski and are based on the needs expressed by teachers, students, and/ or parents. Most groups meet once a week for approximately 10 - 12 weeks, and students are responsible for making up any missed work. Dr. Sro and the teachers meet regularly to discuss students' progress, and if they are benefiting from group involvement.

     Group membership is based on student requests, parental consent, and teacher recommendations.

     Fall groups are coming soon! Descriptions are below. Students will receive interest forms or an online Google form next week. These interest forms are due by Thursday, September 20th. All students who are selected for a group will receive a consent form that needs to be returned signed by the date on the form.

  • Keeping it Together - Tips for Organization (6th grade)

    This group helps students’ identify what their unique organizational needs are and set a goal for themselves related to their need. Group members will learn new strategies to help them reach their goal, make a self-improvement plan, and take part in other activities and games to strengthen their memory and organization.


    Transition to 6th Grade (6th grade)

    This group provides additional support for students who are concerned about their transition into the middle school community. The group members participate in activities and games to build the problem-solving and interpersonal skills they will need to adapt to their new setting, as well as engage in discussions about the benefits and challenges of becoming a middle school student.


    Liking Yourself (6th, 7th, & 8th grades)

    Middle school students are constantly searching for identity among themselves and their peers, which may lead to difficulties with self-esteem. Members of this group will learn about the internal and external forces that affect their self-esteem, use strategies to promote a positive sense of self and avoid depression and anxiety, develop their ability to take personal responsibility for what they can control, and plan for how to better themselves based on positive values.