• Just for G.I.R.L.S. (7th grade)

    Based on the book, Girls In Real Life Situations, this group focuses on enhancing group members’ social and emotional development in multiple areas through real-life examples. Activities and discussions cover image and self-esteem development, making smart choices, improving communication skills, controlling emotions, building relationships, managing stress, and how to reach out for help. This group will continue all year.  

    Just for Boys (7th grade)

    This group gives the boys a chance to break the Boy Code! This group will help its members participate in activities and discussions about their experiences inside and outside of school and will provide them with techniques for approaching everyday struggles and successes. Specific topics will be based on the needs and interests of the specific group members. This group will continue all year. 

    Getting a Grip (7/8th grades)

    This group focuses on helping students regulate their emotions and gain control over their thoughts and actions. Group members engage in activities and discussions that encourage them to identify, monitor and manage their emotions in everyday situations to help support better outcomes.



  • SMS Counseling Groups


    Counseling groups are offered twice a year by Dr. Sroczynski and are based on the needs expressed by teachers, students, and/ or parents. Most groups meet once a week for approximately 10 - 12 weeks, and students are responsible for making up any missed work. Dr. Sro and the teachers meet regularly to discuss students' progress, and if they are benefiting from group involvement.

     Group membership is based on student requests, parental consent, and teacher recommendations.

     Spring groups are almost finished! Stay tuned for information regarding the Fall 2018 groups. See below for examples of previous groups. 

  • Study Tips for Spring (6/7th grades)

    This group will help students identify what their unique study strengths and weaknesses are and set goals for themselves related to their need. Group members will learn and practice new strategies for more effective classroom habits and studying to help them reach their goals.


    Chill Out! - Managing Stress and Anxiety (All grades)

    Believe it or not, students get stressed as much and sometimes more than us! This group will help students identify stressors and identify how stress affects them, as well as learn stress management techniques that they can use now or in the future. Even if students aren’t feeling overwhelmed right now, learning and practicing these strategies is proven to prevent future stress and support stronger academic performance!