Advisor – Mr. M. Skomba


    *All online sales close on June 1st, 2018.
    Extra yearbooks are available to purchase in June but supplies are limited ($90 cash or checked made out to "SHS Yearbok")
    The primary goal of the yearbook staff is to chronicle the events, activities, and students throughout the school year. The secondary goal is to expose students to the responsibilities that come with the yearbook, such as deadlines, layouts, photo spreads, and cover design. The yearbook staff is open to any student who wishes to participate in the creation of the book as long as they adhere to academic guidelines placed on co-curricular activities. The Pioneer staff meets approximately five days a week, whether it is prior to the start of the school day, in homeroom, or after school. The purpose of the Pioneer business staff is to market the yearbook. A special slide presentation, signs, and announcements promote the sale of the Pioneer. The second major goal is to sell advertising space in the book to parents and local business merchants. This club is open to all students. This activity requires students to be placed in a special mixed homeroom in order to conduct and plan activities throughout the year. The final activity is to coordinate the distribution of the yearbook to all grades.