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  • Miss Christine Guerriero, School Nurse
    P: 908-243-1544 - E:

    Mrs. Dorian Gagliardi, Health Office Secretary 
    P: 908-243-1562 - E:
    Fax: 908-707-0971



    1. You need a pass to come to the Health Office.

    2. If you use another student’s agenda, you will be sent back to class for a pass with your name signed by your teacher.

    3. Students are not allowed to come to the Health Office during Homeroom.

    4. Except in emergent situations (bleeding, limping, wheezing, etc.), if you come after lunch without a pass you will be sent to class for a pass.

    5. In order to take ANY medication in school, you need a written note from your health care provider and parent, and you must bring the medication in the original package to school to be kept in the Health Office. Examples of medication include antibiotics, ibuprofen, Tylenol, Tums, Motrin, allergy medication, heart medication, asthma inhaler.

    6. If you do not feel well, get a pass from your teacher and come to the Health Office.

    7. Do not text or call your parents if you do not feel well. If you contact your parents before coming to the Health Office, you will be able to leave school; however, your absence will not be an excused absence. Health Office personnel will contact your parents if you are to be sent home.

    8. In order to eat a snack or drink fluids in school, you must have a note from your health care provider which includes a diagnosis (reason) and length of time the request is in effect. Bring the note to the Health Office. Short term water passes may be issued from the Health Office without a physician’s note on a case-by-case basis.

    9. If you have a physical injury, obtain a note from your health care provider regarding physical education restrictions.

    10. You are in High School. If you have a cold or allergies, bring your own tissues and cough drops to school.

    11. If you have any health issues or concerns, please feel free to speak to me in the Health Office.

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