Syllabus:                                                                        Honors Precalculus


    Instructor: Mr. Ollio                                                                     Room: 316

    Email:                 sollio@somervilleschools.org                                          





    Units of Study:          Chapter 7: Trigonometric Functions

    Chapter 8: Trigonometric equations and applications

    Chapter 9: Triangle trigonometry

    Chapter 10: Trigonometric identities and equations

    Chapter 11: Polar coordinates and complex numbers

    Chapter 12: Vectors and applications

    Chapter 13 Sequences and series

    Chapter 5:  Exponents and Logarithms

    Chapter 19: Limits and rational functions

    Chapter 20: Introduction to Calculus



    Quizzes (1-2 per chapter)                  40% 

    Tests                                                   60%      

    Projects/other assignments                  vary



    Homework: Homework is a learning experience and mistakes are to be expected, but the work must be done for learning to take place.  Randomly selected problems will be graded for correctness, BUT the majority of your grade will be based on honest effort and completeness (all assignments must be complete or nearly complete with supporting work shown; homework IS NOT a list of answers!).


    Google classroom:  various assignments, solutions and extra material will be uploaded to google classroom


    Quizzes: You will have a numerous quizzes during the marking period that will assess your progress of the content learned thus far in the chapter


    Tests: In-class tests will be comprehensive, and will cover material from one chapter.  The tests will probe the depth and thoroughness of your understanding of the content.











    1. Students who miss a test or quiz will be responsible to take a make-up test/quiz within the time frame based on the number of days absent





    Calculators:  Students will be making use of the TI-84 graphing calculator in the classroom. 

    I highly recommend students have their own TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator for use at home. A classroom set is available for school use only.




    Comments:    I urge you to seek extra help the moment you feel uncomfortable with any material presented. My office hours are Wednesday after school, mornings Monday-Friday, Period 7 during the day, or upon request.





    Options next year: 


    A.   If honors track then AB/BC calculus

    B.    CP Calculus

    C.    Last math class AP Statistics