• Syllabus:                                                                                    AP Statistics


    Instructor: Mr. Ollio                                                                                    Room: 316

    Email:                 sollio@somervilleschools.org                                           



    Units of Study:          Chapter 1: Exploring Data

    Chapter 2: The Normal Distributions

    Chapter 3: Examining Relationships

    Chapter 4: More on Two-Variable Data

    Chapter 5: Producing Data

    Chapter 6: Probability: The Study of Randomness

    Chapter 7: Random Variables

    Chapter 8: The Binomial and Geometric Distributions

    Chapter 9: Sampling Distributions

    Chapter 10: Introduction to Inference

    Chapter 11: Inference for Distributions

    Chapter 12: Inference for Proportions

    Chapter 13: Inference for Tables: Chi-Square Procedures

    Chapter 14: Inference for Regression


    Grades:          Homework (per section)                     10 %     

    Quizzes (1-2 per chapter)                  30% 

    Tests                                                   60%      

    AP Projects                                


    Homework: At the beginning of each new chapter, you will be given the assignments for that entire chapter. You must have a loose-leaf, 3-ring Homework Notebook in which you complete and keep your daily assignments. When you do your assignments, put your name and period number at the top of each new page, and begin each new section assignment on a new page. Homework is a learning experience and mistakes are to be expected, but the work must be done for learning to take place. At each test, you will submit the homework from that chapter. A few randomly selected problems will be graded for correctness, BUT the majority of your grade will be based on honest effort and completeness (all assignments must be complete or nearly complete with supporting work shown; homework IS NOT a list of answers!).


    Quizzes: You will have 1-2 quizzes per chapter that will assess your progress of the content learned thus far in the chapter. These quizzes will consist of problems like those from the homework. Time will not be taken to review for these quizzes. No unannounced quizzes will be given.


    Tests: In-class tests will be comprehensive, and will cover material from one or two chapters. The tests will probe the depth and thoroughness of your understanding of the content. The tests will be broken down into two parts (just like the AP Statistics Exam). Approximately 50% of the test points will be multiple choice questions, the remaining 50% will be open ended response questions. Students will be given reading questions at the beginning of each chapter that will help them prepare for the tests. Since Statistics is a cumulative subject where previous skills are as important as new skills, each test will contain some material previously covered in addition to the new material.



    AP Projects: These projects will be geared towards preparing these students for the AP Statistics Exam. They will be based on past AP Statistics exams and other specific problems/projects which I feel will better prepare you for the exam.







    1. Students who miss a test or quiz will be responsible to take a make-up test/quiz within one week of the missed test/quiz. The make-up test/quiz will be different than the original test/quiz.



    2. You learn Statistics by doing Statistics problems; therefore, all work that you submit MUST be your own work. I encourage you to work together but all work that is directly copied in any part from another classmate or the book will be given a zero.



    Calculators:  Students will be making use of the TI-84 graphing calculator in the classroom. 

    I highly recommend students have their own TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator for use at home. Certain parts of the AP Statistics Exam prohibit the use of a calculator, and thus certain projects and parts of exams in this class will prohibit the use of a calculator.


    Comments: The study of Statistics is unlike any other math course that you have taken, in that for most of you it will be a brand new branch of mathematics. In order to succeed in this class and on the AP exam, you will need to engage yourself in the text and stay on top of the work. Since a lot of material must be covered, not much time will be spent on review work. If you are struggling with the material you may come for help anytime before or after school, and during my preps  by appointment. Ask questions of me; I am always willing to help