• Student Responsibilities

    I expect that, by the time a student enters high school, they are clearly aware of how to conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner in any classroom environment. The following are my classroom rules:
    1.   Arrive at class fully prepared
                 ·      Access to the hard copy textbook (covered) or "on-line" textbook on your laptop each day
             ·      3-ring binder with lined paper
                 ·      Pencils (erasable pens for note taking OK)
                 ·      Completed homework


    2.   Get organized for the scheduled lesson before the bell
            ·      Enter the classroom in a mature manner
             ·      Get any necessary hand-out material
                 ·      Sit in your assigned seat
                 ·      Take out notebook, sharpen pencil if needed, and have access
                   to your textbook
                 ·      Copy the lesson title, date, lesson objectives and homework
                assignment in your notebook and/or agenda
                ·       Be ready and working at the bell on the “Do Now” assignment


    3.   Participate actively and productively in class
                ·      Raise your hand to ask, or answer a question
                ·      Take notes not just by copying what is on the board, but also
                by writing the explanations to which you are listening
                ·      When absent from class, take personal responsibility to 
                obtain notes from another student

    4.   Follow the Code of Conduct as described in your agenda


    5.   Show respect for others’ education as well as your own and conduct yourself in a manner that will allow all to learn:
                ·      Be positive with others
                ·      Use respectful language
                ·      Put all electronic devices away as soon as you enter the classroom
               (cell phones, IPODs, ear buds, etc.)


    6.   Restroom visits will be allowed only during the last ten (10) minutes of class unless it is an absolute emergency; however, you may use the restroom prior to commencement of class if  you are in your seat by the late bell. If you must use the restroom during class, your cell phone must be placed on the teacher's desk.


    Classroom Expectations (cont’d)


    ·      Positive Consequences


               + Teacher Affirmations


               +  Positive communication with parent(s)


    ·      Negative Consequences


    Beginning today, this discussion on Classroom Expectations will be the only  warning you will be given regarding your behavior in this class.


    Any behavior that shows disrespect for the faculty or other students, or interferes with other students’ rights to learn in this class will result in disciplinary action:


                         +  Teacher detention (minimum is 30 minutes)
                         +  Discipline Referral(points/central detention)
                                    +  Suspension (ISS/OSS)
                         +  Parent Conference

    ·      Use of Agendas


          §  You must have your agenda with you at all times
                              §  Your agenda must have your name on it with the
                    appropriate school-provided label to be allowed to
                    leave the classroom.



          §  You must take your agenda with you if during class,
                     you are requested to report to the main office,
                                    guidance, the nurse, etc.