Course Grading


       Each Marking Period grade is 22.22% of your course
       grade. The Final Exam is 11.12%.


       Each marking period grade is based on a minimum  

       of six (6) assessments which include the following:
              ·     Three (3) subject matter quizzes which may be:
        - an assessment usually on 1st half of the particular unit
          - a writing prompt on a topic recently discussed in the course
           - an Authentic Assessment - a project that applies the concepts
          which have been taught in the current marking period to a real-
          world situation
     ·     Two (2) to Three (3) Unit Tests
                       (assessment on concepts of an entire unit) 
     ·     Homework

                -     homework is assigned daily and is expected to be completed

                         -  on-line home assignments are graded and are worth 5 to 10 points
                           depending on length.