• How can I be the best student I can be?????


    1.       You are responsible for all work missed due to an absence.  Classroom attendance is important in order for learning to take place!

    2.     Be on time- Duh!!!  LATENESS to class WILL NOT be tolerated.  You will be given a warning for the first offense.  After that being late to class will result in detentions. SHS Policy will be followed resulting in being marked absent from class!!! 




    1.       Textbook- We will keep a classroom set in our room to use as a resource for all the wacky and challenging things we do in class.   If you fall behind, catch up. If you fall behind too far, like more than 1 topic, you will find it extremely difficult to pass this course with your accustomed ‘A’ grades.


    2.     1”-3 ring binder- with lined paper; also, 1 pocket folder.


    3.  Index cards/Small metal rings- Vocab cards will be made


    4.     Pencil/pen ( yes…you actually need this to write!)


    5.     Colored Pencils- We use them a lot!


    6.     Highlighter- Get your favorite color!


    The hard part is having these items for the entire year!

    I’ve noticed this is hard to do!



         1.  Unfinished classroom work must be completed for homework.

         2.  Homework is your responsibility even if you are absent!

              Check with a classmate or e-mail me!!! GET IT!!!




               1.  Tests:

                        a)  60% -at least 3 tests per Marking Period.

                        b)  If absent, you must make up the test within the

                              guidelines of SHS Policy! This is your responsibility!


     2.   Quizzes/Activity Packets//Color Plates:

                        a)  40%

                         b)  If absent, you must make up your work within

                              the guidelines of SHS Policy! This is your responsibility!




                     1.  Be in your seat and ready to work when late bell rings.

      2.  Respect the rights of other students at all times.

      3.  Please take care of locker, bathroom and water fountain

         activities before or after class.  Everything covered in class

           can be on a quiz or test! (All stories I talk about!!)

      4.  ANYTIME you have a SUB, whatever you do in class counts!



     If you have trouble, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to obtain additional help.


     It is the only way to earn your accustomed “A” grades!!!


        Please see me for extra help AS SOON AS YOU THINK YOU NEED IT!

    **The morning of the test is too late!! 

    Let’s have a fun and successful year!

    I have high expectations for all of you…

    Mrs. D