• Welcome to Naviance Family Connection!
     Naviance is a web-based platform that provides comprehensive assistance to students as they make decisions about courses, colleges, and careers.  By accessing Naviance’s Family Connection portal, students and parents can access interest inventories, goal-setting documents, college databases, career clusters, career assessments, scholarship opportunities, and more.  In conjunction with programming provided by the Guidance Counselors, students use Naviance to guide their post-secondary planning and to assess their accomplishments while in high school.  To log into the Naviance Family Connection Portal visit http://connection.naviance.com/somerville/

     Naviance also serves as the “warehouse” that stores all of the documents that students will need when completing the college application process.  The Naviance software also communicates with The Common Application and allows electronic copies of all required documents to be forwarded to each college with the click of a button.