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    U.S. I, 2014-2015

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    “SHS is a community of learners that embraces a student’s ability to promote their growth through a variety of skill sets.  Our extensive academic and extracurricular programs will encourage critical thinking and innovative patterns of thought while promoting a global perspective with real world applications. In preparation for career fields of the 21st century, students will be able to effectively analyze relevant global trends and events in an instructional environment that reinforces cross-curricular connections.”


    Somerville H.S. Daily Planner, “The Americans” and “United States History” .


    The following information will be used to determine your grade for this course.  The final grade will be based upon the average of 4 marking periods.

    A = (100-95)      B = (89-85)      C = (79-75)    D = (69-65)                    I = Incomplete

    A- = (90-94)       B- =(84-80)     C- = (74-70)    F = ( 50 and below)    0 = No Competency

    2. A record of student’s work, student self-evaluation, and teacher contact forms shall be available (in teacher’s files) for review by LDTC and administrator to validate the student’s grades.


    3.   Each student will receive daily grades for participation, and quality of work.


    Daily Grade                                                                                           Marking Period Grade

    Class Participation

    Breakdown of Grades

      Attendance/Punctuality                            2 points                                         

      Being Prepared/Materials                         2 points                                        

      Behavior                                                      3 points                                        

      Quality of Work                                           3 points                                        


                                            Total Daily Points   10 points                          Total MP Grade 100% 


    Class Participation is defined as:

    1.     Attendance

    If you are not in school, it is impossible to earn 95% of your grade needed to complete the course.

    2.     Being Punctual Is Important!

    Please arrive to class on time as scheduled.  If you do not have a valid pass/excuse from a faculty member, you will receive a late/tardy for the day and also a detention.  If you are not in class, I cannot teach you.  Therefore, you are not prepared to work.   





    3.     Being Prepared for Class

    A.    Bring in your pencil, pen, and textbooks (core materials) needed for the day.

    B.     Be in your seat with your materials (folders, pencils, textbook, etc) at your desk when the bell rings.

           4.  Behavior

                Respect your self and others personal learning styles. Refer to S.H.S. Daily Planner pg 20 Expectations     

                For Classroom Success.


    5.  Quality of Work

         Completed Daily Assignment

         Grade earned on completed Assignment

        Example 3points ----- 40 minutes

                        2 points-------30 minutes

                        2 points-------20 minutes

                               1 points-------10 minutes

                               0 points-------no time on task.


    A.    Working on assigned tasks throughout the period.  Students must complete all assignments for core classes.  The teacher will assign supplemental work when the student does not have core class assignments.

    B.     Remaining in assigned class/area for 100% of the scheduled time.  Students taken out of class for counseling/conference will be given credit for class participation and are expected to make up the work.

    C.    Work missed due to absence must be completed on the following day either in class or as homework. It is your responsibility to get missed assignments from your classroom teachers.


      6.  The grade of “O” is given to any student who refuses to make an honest effort on any item, which is

           to be graded, and on any graded material on which a student has cheated.



    1.     Be prepared for class.  Please remember to bring your necessary materials, such as pens, notebooks, daily planners, etc.

    2.     Remain in your seat or designated area unless the teacher has given verbal permission.

    This includes before dismissal.

    3.     Raise your hand if you need assistance-wait patiently for the teacher.

    4.     Respect school and others property.

    5.     Please be polite. No rude offensive, profound or discriminatory remarks, walkmans, or cell phones in class.

    6.     Work quietly so you do not disturb other students.  No talking unless given permission by the teacher to be peer tutoring, or in study groups.

    7.     Respect yourself.

    8.     Respect others, Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated and dealt withy accordingly!

    9.     Complete all work assigned.

    10.   Clean up after yourself. (This means putting chair under desk prior to leaving, putting books and folders in their proper place.



    Consequences:  Students choosing not to meet the above expectations maybe warned, detained after school or referred to appropriate administrator. *Refer to Somerville High School Student Handbook, Discipline Policy pp 21-24.


           First Time Student Breaks A Rule                                              Verbal Warning


          Second Time                                                                               Detention



          Third Time                                                                                   Call home to parent/guardian


                                                                                                              Think Sheet



           Fourth Time                                                                              Written Referral to Counselor


         In conclusion, everyone is capable of earning an A or B in class.  These rules were established so each of you can get the most out of your class time.