• Welcome to Mrs. Espinoza's Literacy Class. 
    Extra Help/Office Hours: Monday 2:20-3:20 Room 318 or by email/phone appointment.
    Literacy is the way that humanity has communicated through time. We read to gain knowledge, and we write to express our knowledge. This year we will read and reflect on the past experiences and creations of various authors in relation to our lives. Additionally, together we will work to master the art of writing as we become writers of the 21st Century. Students will be exposed to various learning platforms, with the goal to master tools available on their Chromebooks. Such platforms include Google Classroom, NearPod, Actively Learn, QuizletStorybird, and Pixton. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have throughout the year. 
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have at
    Mespinoza@somervilleschools.org or 908-218-4108 x 4873
    2017-2018 Schedule
    Homeroom - Room 202
    Period 1 - English 2 (Room 207) 
    Period 3 - English 2A (Room 208) with Mrs. Manziano
    Period 4 - English 1 (Room 207)
    Period 6 - English 2 (Room 207)
    Period 7 - English 2A (Room 208) with Mrs. Manziano 
    Period 9 - Structured Study Hall (Room 207)