• Written Family Interview (38 Points)


    Visit, call, e-mail, or write to 1 family member that knows the MOST about your family’s history. Ask them the following questions and write down the answers to your interview. YOUR ANSWERS NEED TO BE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES AND TYPED.


    a.    Full name of the person you interviewed.


    b.    How are they related to you?


    c.     When did your family first come to the USA? When did they come to Texas?


    d.    Why did your family move here?


    e.    What special memories of family and relatives do they have?


    f.      What in their past would be important for you to know in the future?


    g.      What large changes took place in the world during their childhood?


    h.    How did their culture/nationality affect their lives?


    i.      What was school like in their generation?


    j.      Was education stressed in their family? How can you tell?


    k.     What would they LIKE students today to learn about in school that they feel that they are not learning?


    l.      Name the one news event in their life made the greatest impact?


    m.   What cultural foods and traditions are celebrated in the family?


    n.    What was their first paid job? What became their adult career?


    o.    Why did they choose that profession? Were/Are there other people in the family in that same career?


    p.    Were any family members in any conflicts/wars/reform movements? If so, name them.


    q.    How has technology changed during their lifetime?


    r.      Name the one thing about their family that they are most proud of.



    s.     How has their cultural heritage made them smile?