• With you as the historian, you will be interviewing your parents, maybe your grandparents, and possibly other relatives to investigate your family’s life story.


              We are RESEARCHING the family you live with, no difference if you were born or adopted into the family you live with. We are exploring how people came to this country, how they developed our country, and how they changed this country. How your family evolved is US History. You can work on one side of your family or both.


              Remember that “family” comes in all different forms. Some people have more than one set of parents. Many people have only one parent they can research, and some people do not have grandparents who can share past information. No need to worry. This project is designed for you to learn “what you can” through effort and communication. If you are adopted, please do this project on your family that you live with. There may be some questions/parts that you can not answer, and that is understandable on a project like this one. It is expected, however, that you try your best to find the answers and accomplish the goals. You are an American. What forms you, forms our country.


                Why do we do this fun project? Not only do you gain knowledge into America’s past, but you will also gain a sense of identity, a sense of personal history, a view of your own rich heritage, a link with the past, and insight into why you are the way you are. You will build bridges across generations and learn information YOU can share with the next generation. We also meet the learning criteria set out by our state (listed below).





    1.     Interview Questions must be typed.

    2.     Project must have a cover page, you CAN NOT use this one.

    3.     Family Tree may be as simple as you want or as elaborate as your want, YOU’RE CHOICE. You can you the one given to you or create your own.

    4.     Your Family Tree needs to go back 4 generations (Your Grandparents – Grandparents).

    5.     Project is DUE ON OR BEFORE MONDAY NOVEMBER 18 NO LATER THEN THE START OF YOUR CLASS PERIOD. You may e-mail your project to me or present me a hard copy.