• Karen Gorzynski, Somerville High School Music Teacher, won Somerset County Teacher of the Year in 2013.
    • The Somerville High School Winter Color Guard was named the World Champion in 2012.
    • Somerville High School ranked in Newsweek's America's Best High Schools (Top 1500) in 2010.
    • Somerville High School ranked in New Jersey's Top 100 Public High Schools by New Jersey Monthly Magazine (September 2004, September 2006, September 2008, and September 2010).
    • Somerville High School is one of the select participating New Jersey schools that engages in performing authentic, original student research in the fields of molecular biology and bioinformatics through the Waksman Student Scholars Program. Somerville High School students have gained scientific recognition by determining the actual DNA sequences of genes of  lower organisms. “Waksman Student Scholars Program is an outreach  program to engage high school students and their teachers in a genuine molecular biology research project. There is a one month summer program where a teacher and two students attend the Waksman Institute to learn and conduct a research project in molecular biology. In the last two years, the student scholars program has analyzed more then 600 DNA sequences and published many of these sequences at GenBank – the international sequence database.”
    Please visit the high school's website for more information on awards and recognitions: https://www.somervillenjk12.org/Page/4388