• Required Course Materials - Please bring to class EVERYDAY.
    •Pen or Pencil, 3 Ring Binder or Notebook, Textbook (covered), school issued Chromebook
    Class Rules
    •Arrive to class on time, prepared and ready to work with your charged Chromebook/notebook/binder, pen/pencil, no food or drink
    •Cease use of all cell phones/headphones during the class period
    •Refrain from improper use of student issued Chromebook
    •No cheating or plagiarism of any form
    •Respect your classmates, teacher and classroom environment at all times
    •Abstain from foul language including cursing, racial slurs, etc.
    •If you are found to be in violation of any of the rules discussed, the teacher will take the following steps:
    •Verbal discussion with student on what to do vs. what they are doing wrong
    •Afternoon detention with teacher, additional meeting between teacher/student (phone call home)
    •Discipline Referral (points/Central Detention)
    •Conference with student, student’s parent/guardian, teacher, administration
    •Suspension (OSS/ISS)