• Somerville High School Adaptive Life Skills Program 
    Course Description
    In the Somerville High School Adaptive Life Skills Program students will be afforded the necessary combination of life experiences, both within the school setting and within the community.  Student experiences will include career exploration, pre-vocational instruction, social skills development, independent living skills development, functional vocational assessment, and school-based work experiences.  This pre-vocational program is comprised of both academic and community based instruction, and serves as an initial step to working in the community.  Some of the areas addressed in the curriculum include:
    • Self Determination
    • Self Awareness and Self Advocacy
    • Portfolio Development
    • Personal Social Skills
    • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Career Exploration
    • Employment Expectations
    • Work Site Readiness Development
    • Basic Skill Development
    • Independent Living Skills
    • Community Awareness
    • Commuter Travel
    • Character Development
    • Working within the School Setting
    Training offered to the students in The Adaptive Life Skills Program is designed to enhance the development and generalization of life skills as they become active, vital members of our school and local community, and have success in the complex interactions of the work setting.