United States History I- College Prep


    Course Requirements


    Grade: 10 Prerequisite: None Credit Value: 5 Length of Course: Academic Year


    Course Description

    Students in United States History I analyze the growth of American power and influence from the period of Reconstruction to the post-World War I era. An examination of technological innovations and immigration patterns provides students with an understanding of the shifting demographic and economic landscape of the United States in the early twentieth century. A discussion of the conflict among emerging philosophies prepares students to examine World War I and the sociological, political, and economic outcomes of that global event. Students discuss injustice and inequality and the shift in moral values that took place after the war as they study the long-term effects of that conflict. Connections are made to current economic, social, and moral issues as students research historical events and present global occurrences. Benchmark assessments are employed to track individual student progress.


    Course Content


    This course will consist of the following units of study:


     Sectionalism

     The Civil War

     Reconstruction

     The Industrial Revolution

     Turn of the Century/Immigration/Urbanization

     Progressivism

     Imperialism

     World War I

     Post-World War I

     _The 1920s


    Course Objectives

    The student will demonstrate the ability to answer in detail the following essential questions:

     What factors led to the Civil War?

     How did the Civil War bring temporary and lasting change to the United States?

     In what ways did the results of Reconstruction affect American culture?

     How did emerging technologies transform life in the United States?

     What factors were change agents during the early 20th century?

     How do the outcomes of political reform continue to affect American society?

     How did the United States increase its role as a world power?

     What factors influenced the involvement of the United States in global conflict?

     How did World War I affect the emergence of political philosophies?

     In what ways were moral values affected by World War I?

     What are the post-graduation and/or career options that apply to the course content?


    Evaluation Process

    A final average of 65% or better is required to be awarded course credit. Throughout the length of this course, students may be evaluated on the basis of, but not limited to:

     Formative Assessments, such as writing prompts, journals, and portfolios

     Summative Assessments, such as quizzes, tests, and midterm and final examinations

     Performance Assessments, such as projects and presentations

     Technology-based Applications, such as electronic portfolios, Web Quests, ThinkQuest, and podcasting

     Class Participation

     Homework



    - Tests/Projects  >  60% of the marking period grade.

    - Quizzes/Essays/Collected Homework  >  30% of the marking period grade.

    - Checked Homework/Classwork  >  10% of the marking period grade.