The English II College Prep (CP) course of study is designed for sophomore students who plan to continue their formal education beyond high school. The course is designed to enhance levels of proficiency in areas of writing, usage, literary comprehension, and communication goals. This course explores fiction/drama, as well as the short story and poetry. In addition, writing, vocabulary development, language usage, journal writing, listening, and speaking will be reviewed, reinforced, and further developed. Students must also complete a variety of enrichment activities and projects.


    Bell Work Each day we will start class with an activity, which will be written on the board. Bell work usually consists of a journal entry. Each daily response will be recorded in a separate notebook.

    Reading Through novels, short stories, poetry, etc, the focus is on challenging the students to comprehend, interpret, and synthesize facts and ideas. Additionally, the students will identify the author’s purpose in literature, as well as the effects of structure, cultural perspective, style, and point of view. Works will be chosen from the following collections Macbeth, The Crucible, A Raisin in the Sun, Of Mice and Men and various poems and short stories from Adventures in American Literature (textbook). In addition we will be reading various nonfiction works. Other works may be added during the year.

    Expository, creative, and journal writing accompany these works. Projects and additional information will round out each work.

    Writing Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically in written expression. There will be a variety of writing including expository, persuasive, and narrative compositions.

    Vocabulary We will be studying and using vocabulary in context. Students will receive handouts on the words as we read each work of literature. Quizzes will be given on all vocabulary words.

    Grammar All classes use the text Holt Handbook, which focuses on grammar, usage, mechanics, and sentences. It is important to note that grammar is done both in isolation (as in the book) and in conjunction with writing assignments.


    Grades will be based on the following:

    • Tests/Projects
    • Writing Assignments
    • Quizzes- Vocabulary and Reading
    • Homework
    • Classwork
    Being prepared on a daily basis leads to better learning, better results on quiz/test grades, and ultimately a better grade for the marking period. Homework and overall preparedness also factor into the marking period grade.

    Homework is critical to a student’s learning and success. Homework is expected to be done with the student’s best effort. If homework is poorly done it is difficult to know to what degree the learning was reinforced.

    • No credit will be given for late work.
    • Any writing assignment or project received after the due date will be deducted ten points or one letter grade for each day it is late.

     The amount of homework each night varies greatly. An average night may require 30-45 minutes. While reading some works, however, the amount of time will depend on the student.

    • If a student cheats on and/or plagiarizes an assignment, he or she will receive a zero as per the Somerville High School Grading Policy. 
    •  In addition, each student must come to class prepared each day with a writing utensil, his or her notebook and textbook.

    My Schedule

    Ms. Iannuzzi

    A student may see me either before or after school for extra help, to make up a test or work that was missed. Also, my office hours are Tuesday’s after school in room 205 or by appointment.