• SAT Prep Class

    Mrs. Bell & Mr. Hoehn

    Contact Information

    If you need to contact Mrs. Bell or Mr. Hoehn, please feel free to email them at:

    Mrs. Bell- rbell@somervilleschools.org Mr. Hoehn- jhoehn@somervilleschools.org

    Objectives: SAT Prep

    • The objective of this class is to enhance your ability and knowledge about the New SAT.

    • Help you interpret New SAT questions, understand the question format,  and apply learned strategies in developing an answer.

    Objectives: College and Career Planning

    • The objective of this part of the course is to prepare you for the college application process and to open your eyes to a variety of careers that you may be interested in pursuing during your undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

      • You will be able to understand the college application process

      • Timeline of Deadlines and Requirements

      • Which School Has What you are Looking for?

      • Financial Aid and Scholarships

      • The College Essay

      • Teacher Recommendation Folder

      • You will acquire career skills

      • Resume Writing

      • Cover Letter Writing

      • Interview Skills

      • Budgeting Your Personal Finances

      • Creating and Presenting Presentations


    • Students will receive instruction on Math, Reading and Writing, and Career planning periodically.

    • The materials used in class (i.e. worksheets, handouts, quizzes, tests, etc…) will all resemble portions of an actual New SAT exam (as much as possible). We will also be utilizing online resources that students will use in and out of class.

    • Homework will be given, in addition to several short-range writing assignments as part of the Writing portion of the class.

    • Please make sure to complete all of your assignments prior to coming to class. There are many assignments that must be completed before we can continue with the curriculum. For this reason, you should keep track of your assignments in your agenda book.


    • This class will be based on the standard grading scale used at Somerville High School.

    • A minimum of six assessments will be given per marking period.  

    • Mrs. Bell and Mr. Hoehn will evaluate you together in order to decide your final grade.

    • Your grade is based on improvement and assessments. It is in your best interest for the class and for the actual exam that you try to improve on every assessment given. The more you improve, the better your grade.

    • Quizzes and tests will be given throughout the semester. We reserve the right to give pop quizzes as well.  Quizzes will be given on SAT material, lecture notes, and information discovered independently and provided by guest speakers.

    • The Resume, Cover letter, College Essay, and Teacher Recommendation Folder will all count as tests.

    • Your written assignments will be graded by Mrs. Bell who will use the rubric provided by ETS/College Board.


    • A three ring binder with dividers for English, Math, and College/Career planning. Each assignment should be put into your binder.   

    • It is not necessary that you have your own calculator.  However, for $10 you can buy a TI-35 scientific calculator and get familiar with using it before you take the actual SAT exam.  Graphing calculators are not required to take the SAT exam.  All problems can be completed without one.

    • Plenty of #2 pencils (you will not be allowed to use pens since we will be using scantron forms).  You must also use a pencil for all essays.

    • A highlighter will be useful throughout the course. Get one!

    Classroom Behavior


    • Follow all school rules as outlined your handbook. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for Somerville High School rules and consequences.

    • It is your responsibility to come to class prepared and ready to learn.

    • Be accountable for your actions, your work, and your decisions.

    • Arrive on time and prepared for class.  Being prepared means having your binder/notebook, assignments, and a writing utensil.  When the bell rings, you should be in the classroom beginning any activity or “Do Now” you have been given for the day.