EXPLORING ART


          Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12                        Credits: 5                       Length of Course: Year

          Prerequisites:                                 none

          Course Description:

    The focus of this Exploring Art course is to serve as a foundations of visual arts course and as a prerequisite for all advanced studio art courses. It is structured around the Elements and Principles of Art and Design and how they were used throughout the history of art, and includes the four disciplines of art: Aesthetics, Art Criticism, Art History, and Art Production. Students will acquire knowledge about artists, periods and styles of art, the art of other cultures, and aesthetic theories. 2D and 3D art will be explored through various media and students will gain skills in various art processes and techniques, including the use of technology. Sketch assignments and writing experiences will be an important part of the course. Students will be required to complete assignments outside of class. Students will become an integral part of a working art studio. Students will develop a sense of responsibility. Due dates will be required. The development of creativity and craftsmanship will be emphasized in this course.