• Chemistry with Mrs. Rachel and Mrs. Rath

    Supplement to SHS Course Syllabus



    I expect all chemists to be responsible and organized.  All chemists in my class are required to have the following materials:

    1. Three ring binder with lined paper
    2. Dark blue or black pens—at least two
    3. Pencils—at least two
    4. Basic scientific calculator

    **Please note—a notebook is not acceptable, as we use a lot of handouts for our class, and a notebook will not keep them organized!


    The following materials are strongly recommended to ensure our success together:

    1. Mini Stapler
    2. Three-hole puncher
    3. Pencil sharpener or extra lead (for mechanical pencils)
    4. Colored pencils


    You MUST have these materials by September 17, 2015.  This will count as a quiz grade!  If there are any problems obtaining these items, please speak with us about it. 

    We do not accept papers handed in with paperclips or folded corners, torn edges, etc.—they must be stapled.  You are responsible for having back-up pens and pencils.

    Rules and Procedures        

    (AKA Everyone’s favorite topic)

    By this point in your academic career, you are more than familiar with basic school rules.  Just in case, we thought we would list our basic rules as a quick refresher for those of you (you know who you are) who may need it.


    Just remember the 5 R’s:

    1. Respect.  Chemists will treat themselves, others, and all other space and materials with respect.
    2. Responsibility.  Chemists will take control of their own learning and behavior.  No excuses!
    3. Ready.  Be ready to learn at all times, which includes coming with required materials and demonstrating time management.
    4. Remain seated (unless given permission to do otherwise).
    5. Remain silent (unless given permission to do otherwise).


    Some reminders about procedures that you should always follow:

    1. Walk in silently and go directly to your seat to begin what’s on the board.
    2. Backpacks, etc. are always under your seat or your desk area.
    3. You should complete the do now in the first 5 minutes of class.
    4. Have your materials out and ready—no one wants to hear binders clicking away during class.  We will give you time to organize and clean up at the end of class.
    5. The only signal for dismissal is the one that we give to you. Early cleanup by chemists may result in making up the time and work after school.
    6. Cell phones are to remain turned OFF (and not on silent or vibrate, etc.) and hidden in your backpack.  
    7. There is no eating or drinking in class. 


    Rewards will be given to those chemists who demonstrate positive and/or improved performance or behavior.  Rewards include:

    1. Phone calls home
    2. Homework pass
    3. Stickers! (yes, even high school students love stickers)
    4. Certificates
    5. Anything else we can think of!


    There is a zero tolerance policy on violence, and any behaviors reflecting violence will immediately be referred to the administration.




    We will be using the school’s percentage-based grading system, Here is the breakdown:

    60% of your grade is tests and projects

    30% of your grade is quizzes, labs, and classwork

    10% of your grade is homework ( For full credit- all work must be shown) 

    In general, you will have 3-5 test grades per marking period—these may not all be traditional tests; sometimes they will be projects.  Lab sheets will count as quiz grades, and official lab reports count as test grades—we do provide time in class to complete them; however, should you not complete them, it is your responsibility to do them at home.  Point values for each assignment may vary—if a particular test, quiz, lab, etc., requires more knowledge and more skills, it will be worth more points.





    We do update grades frequently on power school, please keep track of your grades and come see us or email us if you have any questions.  The best way to be successful in class is to keep track of your progress. 


    Absences and Lateness

    We follow SHS’s policy on absences and lateness.  If you are absent, we expect that you will come to see us the day of your return.  You can come 20 minutes before the first bell or 20 minutes after the last bell—please do not talk to us about your make-up work during class, as this takes away learning time from 25 other people.


    You will have the number of days that you were absent to complete your work.  For example, if you are absent on Tuesday, we expect you to see us about your work on Wednesday and to bring it to us on Thursday. Make every effort possible not to miss your lab!  It is very difficult and sometimes not feasible for you to make up the lab—this will result in you having to write a theory lab report, in addition to missing a valuable learning experience.


    LATENESS IS NOT TOLERATED!  If you are late, please be ready to see us after class and possibly after school.  If it is an excused lateness (i.e. you have an official note from a staff member), please enter the room silently and leave the pass on the desk in the front of the room. We will speak to you about what you missed after class.





    Once again, when you are absent, you have 1 day to make up the work.  For example, if you miss Monday and return on Tuesday, your work is due on Wednesday.


    Missing Quizzes or Tests: Be prepared to make them up on the day you return.

    Missing Labs: If you are absent when we complete a lab, you will need to obtain the lab data from your lab partner and complete the lab questions, report, etc. using this.  You have 1 day to make this up.





    Academic Integrity

    We are sure you have gone over academic integrity many times, but we want to express how important it is to us.  We have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone caught breaking his or her academic integrity contract.  YOU WILL FAIL IF YOU CHEAT.




    What to do if you finish your work early…

    You should never be sitting at your desk and doing nothing.  There are many things you can do if you finish your work early:

    *     Independent research or a design project

    *     Assistant teach or peer tutor

    *     Challenge tests

    *     Read a science book or article and complete a report

    *     Create wacky science questions

    *     Other homework (only if you have done everything above first)



    Contacting Us

    We are ALL IN for our students and we will do everything in our power to help them succeed.   Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.  We are very accessible via email and school phone. We are also available for extra help before and after school—just ask!

    Mrs. Rachel: ktaguer@somervilleschools.org

    Mrs. Rath: rrath@somervilleschools.org




    We look forward to a wonderful year together!