Art Projects Students Are Currently Working On: To see Student Work, Check Out Our TWITTER ACCOUNT @vdvartclass



    Fifth graders are finishing up their Andy Warhol self-portraits and are about to start learning about the first abstract artist, Wassily Kandinsky. They will learn about the Elements of Art (EOAs) and Principles of Design (PODs) and use these important knowledge to create abstract art pieces. 



    Fourth graders are finishing up their Vincent Van Gogh self-portraits (make sure to check out our Twitter Account to see these ones! They're drop dead gorgeous). They will then begin to learn about Roy Lichtenstein, pop art, and proper human proportions. 



    Third grade have finished their Faith Ringgold inspired piece, and are  being introduced to Pointillism Artist Georges Seurat. They will then create landscapes using foreground, middle ground, and background, and use Seurat's pointillism technique. 



    Second grade made awesome monsters, inspired by Where The Wild Thing Are, by Maurice Sendak. They are currently moving on to Albert Bierstadt, his impact on the Wild West. warm and cool colors, and trying to achieve depth by creating a foreground, middle ground, and background. 



    First Grade are on the final steps to finsih their Eric Carle animals and are about to learn about John James Audubon! Tower of Birds, here we come!



    Kindergarten is finishing their Kandisnky paintings, and will start a Henri Matisse inspired paper activity.