Making the Most out of College Visits


    Making the Most out of Your College Visits:

    Visiting prospective colleges can be a valuable experience for both the student and their families. A campus visit will give you an impression of the college’s students, faculty, facilities, and course offerings. The following are some suggestions when preparing for these visits:

    • Contact the schools that you intend to visit and register for a tour or request an appointment

    • Consider including colleges in a similar geographic area in the same trip. If you are staying overnight, be sure to make reservations well in advance.

    • While on campus, it is important to see the library, academic facilities, living quarters, and dining facilities. If you are interested in sports, music, or any other extracurricular, you may want to see these venues as well. Most importantly, this is a great opportunity to speak with current students. Get their perspectives on life at the college; they are probably the most informative people on campus!

    • Admissions counselors keep track when prospective applicants visit, call, email, or write to the colleges. Be sure to connect with a member of the Admissions Office or current student when you visit the campus. It will make a lasting impression and could serve as a boost to your application.

    • Follow up with a short note, thanking the admissions counselor for his/her time and expressing your interest and positive experience about the college.

    • Bring a notebook to record your thoughts and impressions (likes/dislikes) as soon as you have completed a visit while it is still fresh in your mind.

      Questions to ask:

    • I am undecided about a major. When do I declare a major and what types of courses would I take my freshman year?

    • How big are your classes?

    • Are there full-time faculty or graduate assistants?

    • Will I be assigned an academic advisor?

    • What types of special services or programs does your school offer?

    • What is it about your college that would make me want to go here? OR What makes your college unique?