Classroom Rules
    These are the rules to be followed in 7th Grade Language Arts

    * Be respectful and helpful; this includes your actions as well as your words. Use polite speech and body language to demonstrate your respect for others.
     *Come to class prepared with all necessary materials and ready to learn.
    *Do not disrupt the learning environment for others. Raise your hand and do not speak while others are speaking.
    *Use your time wisely.
    *Follow all policies and procedures outlined in the SMS student handbook.
       Grades will be based on the following:
    Writing Assignments/Journal Writing
    Classwork/Participation (Group Work)

    The grading is based on a point system. Each individual assignment is worth a certain amount of points. Test and writing assignments are worth more points than quizzes and homework assignments. At the end of the marking period the student’s earned points are added and then divided by the total number of possible points.

                                  Example:      Earned Points          Possible Points

                                                                                  368               /           425   = 86 B

    Being prepared on a daily basis leads to better learning, better results on assignments and ultimately a better grade for marking period. Like anything in life, your results will directly reflect the effort that was put into the assignment.

    Positive class participation, homework, thoughtful journal responses and overall preparedness for the class are a significant factor in your marking period grade.

    The amount of homework will vary each night. An average assignment may require 20 minutes to complete. When we are reading our novels, the amount of time will depend directly on your reading ability, but students should never spend more than 20-30 minutes on a reading assignment. If they do, please draw a line where they ended and have a parent sign that they worked to the best of their ability for the time allotted. They will receive full credit for the assignment, but should seek extra help immediately to ensure comprehension of the material.  .