• Senior Health Syllabus

    Mr. Knoeppel


    The focus of the Senior Health curriculum is to expand the students’ understanding, knowledge, and practices concerning Family Life, Sexual Health, Safety and Chemical Health. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to make wise sexual and chemical health choices, as well as develop lifetime carryover skills for the pursuit of positive outcomes.  In completing this course, adolescent behavior, personality and character development should be enriched.





    Chapter 5       Family relationships

    Chapter 6       Building healthy peer relationships

    Chapter 7       Preventing violence

    Chapter 17    Preventing Drug and Alcohol Abuse

    Chapter 19    Pregnancy, Birth, and Childhood

    Chapter 22    STD and AIDS





    A student’s grade will be determined through a total points system. Points can be earned through various forms of assessment. Assessment and evaluation may include but is not limited to tests, quizzes, projects, homework, and class participation. Each assessment will be given a predetermined numerical value and evaluated accordingly. At the conclusion of the marking period, a student’s grade will be reflective of total points earned over total points available. It is encouraged for students to maintain an evaluation log of all assessments throughout the marking period. With this, students will have an up to date and accurate understanding of their current grade in the course.




    Three ring binder to keep all handouts, notes, tests, and quizzes. Pen, pencil, paper, and textbook when required by teacher.


    Students are responsible to make up work and classwork during absences and lab periods. For everyday you are absent, you have to make up any missed assignments, tests, or quizzes. Day for a day policy – If you are absent Monday: you have Tuesday to make it up and hand it in Wednesday. If you are absent Monday and Tuesday: you have Wednesday and Thursday to make it up and hand it in on Friday.


    *Any work other than Senior Health in class will be taken.