• What To Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied 

    Never approach the bully’s parents, as this is a job for either the school, or the police (if outside of school). Parents often can get offended when they hear bad things about their child, and it needs to take place in a neutral environment. And going to their home could be considered trespassing and you could be arrested. And if the offending children come from backgrounds of abuse, a physical altercation could take place.

    If you find that your child has been bullied:

    • Find out pertinent and detailed information about what the bullies are doing, dates, times, places, actions, etc. Document everything.
    • Find out any threats that have been made toward your child, and if it pertains to outside of school.
    • Contact the school during hours of operation and ask to discuss the situation.
    • Outline the details, not in an angry rant, but as if you were telling a friend what occurred.
    • Obtain a copy of the school’s anti-bullying policy to determine if the bully violated a school policy.
    • When you meet with school personnel, tell your child’s story and ask for help.
    • Relate the facts and leave your emotions out of it. If you feel the bully has violated the school’s anti-bullying policy, bring this up calmly into the conversation.
    • Ask what you can do together to stop the bullying. 
    • Follow up with your child to see if the bullying stops, and follow up with school personnel, if needed.
    • If the harassment continues, document it.
    • If your child has been cyberbullied, check the school’s anti-bullying policy as well as your state anti-bullying legislation to see if cyberbulling is covered under the aegis of the school. If it is, report that to the school as well. 

    As a parent, it is important to know that you have to:

    • Become the expert on bullying.
    • Document everything!
    • Contact a mental health counselor and get your child help.
    • File a complaint with the school.
    • Remain calm when discussing the matter with the school.