Summer APEX Testing Lab Hours
    As of Wednesday, July 31st the Summer APEX Lab is officially closed.
    September 2019 - June 2020 APEX Testing Lab Hours
    Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:30pm - 3:30pm, Room 106
    College Essay Writing Workshop 2019
    The essay writing workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 12th at 6:30pm and is designed for juniors who are getting ready for the college application process.  The workshop will be held in the high school auditiorium.
    Summer Performing Arts Program 2019
    The summer performing arts program is open to students in grades 5-12 and will run July 1, 2019- July 26, 2019. Please click on the link for more information Summer Performing Arts Information
     Summer Algebra Enrichment Program 2019
    The summer algebra enrichment program is designed to have students fine tune their algebra skills or reinforce what was already learned prior to heading into algebra 2. The program will run drom July 8, 2019- August 1, 2019. Please click on the link for more information Summer Algebra Enrichment Program
    Incoming Freshmen Workshop- Class of 2023
     The Somerville High School Guidance Office hosted an Incoming Freshmen Workshop on January 16, 2019. Please click on the links for information that was given out that evening. Please also visit the Incoming Freshmen- Class of 2023 page for more information!
    Looking for Volunteer Opportunities?
    Please click on the following link for a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities (please call the agency directly for more information on how to volunteer and if they are accepting volunteers at that time)
     Special Olympics NJ is looking for Volunteers. Click on the link for more information:
    Statistics and Facts of Self-Harm
    Resources and Information about self harm have been complied by students in Mrs. Wahba's Spanish 4 Class in consultation with Dr. Zurawiecki.
    Going to College in New Jersey
    Going to College in New Jersey. A magazine for college-bound students in New Jersey. Features colleges and universities in New Jersey. Please click on the link to get to a live version of the magazine Going to College in New Jersey
    Please go to College Board to register for the SAT's. The SAT's are administered here at Somerville High School on the following dates:
    May 4, 2019
    June 1, 2019
     Please go to ACT to register for the ACT's. The ACT's are administered on the following dates:
    April 13, 2019
    June 8, 2019
    July 13, 2019
    Progress Reports will be available on RealTime only on the following dates this year:
     October 6, 2018
    December 21, 2018
    February 22, 2018
    May 10, 2018