•   Somerville High School Digital Curriculum



    September 2019 - June 2020 APEX Testing Lab Hours
    Mondays and Wednesdays
    2:30pm - 3:30pm
    Room 106

    Students may pursue these opportunities through Option II, which is the State of New Jersey’s approved framework for alternative academic programs. Our recent partnership with APEX Learning both increases the number of available course offerings, as well as establishes a structure through which all students can access a virtual learning experience.  Reasons for enrolling in a digital course include, but are not limited to:

          ·      Course is a graduation requirement but does not fit in the student’s schedule

          ·      Course fulfills an elective requirement

          ·      Course is not offered at SHS

          ·      Student wishes to further his/her studies in a particular content area

          ·      Student failed the course or exceeded the attendance policy during a prior school year

      Course Catalog

    A complete listing of available courses and course descriptions can be found by clicking here.

     Grading and Transcripts

    All digital coursework is graded Pass/Fail with a score of 65 denoting passing.  This coursework will NOT be included in a student’s GPA calculation and it will appear on the student’s transcript with an "APEX Virtual" notation next to the course name.  To ensure academic integrity, all tests and final exams are locked and must be completed in a supervised and proctored environment in the High School Virtual Learning Lab.

     Registration Process

          1.     All APEX courses are offered free of charge to all Somerville High School students. 

          2.     Student must meet with his/her Guidance Counselor to discuss digital course options.

          3.     Student must submit a hard copy of the registration form that can be pick up from their counselor in the Guidance Office.

          4.     Within one week, the student will receive an email at his/her Somerville Schools account indicating approval or denial of the request.  Approvals will be accompanied by the necessary login information for the APEX website.