Bienvenue au cours de français!

    «Le travail est un trésor»

    --Jean de La  Fontaine

    Mme. Taylor

    Syllabus 2015-16



    French has been described as a “magnificent form of expression.”  Your hard work in this course will lead you to become a better speaker, writer, reader and listener.  In addition, you will gain insights into francophone cultures throughout the world.


    To learn by engaging enthusiastically in all class activities.   French immersion is the goal.  The only exception is the daily grammar tune-up, where English will be spoken for five minutes or less.  Conversations between classmates must be in French and relevant to the tasks at hand.  If you have questions or need extra help, my door is open.   I'm available to meet by appointment either before or after school in the media center.


    • Students should be polite, prompt and prepared.   Please enter the classroom in an orderly manner and sit in your assigned seat  before the bell rings.  Check the board or screen, think in French and launch into the day’s lesson.  

    • Spend at least 20 minutes per night on French.  Upcoming assessments and projects are listed on the class website, as are self-correcting online exercises. These online exercises are assigned to reinforce specific lessons in the classroom and they are required.  Rubrics for projects such as group song performances and posters are  also on the website.  You do not need to be musical or artistic  to earn high marks in projects of this kind.   All written assignments should have the following in the upper right-hand corner:


                 class period

                 date in French

                 name of assignment

    • Grading:  Grading is based on a points system.  Projects and larger assessments have the greatest point value and smaller assessments and assignments have a lower number of points.     Class preparedness and engagement are an important component of language learning and students will be graded on this performance area.  Homework completion counts for no more than 10%.   

    • Academic honesty is crucial.  Google translate and other shortcuts should never be used.  

    • When you are absent, you are responsible for making up class work, quizzes or tests.  You must make arrangements within the number of days you were absent.  

    • No use of gum, food, phones and headphones during class.

                    MATERIALS                 NEEDED

    For Class:  Black or blue pens, pencil with eraser, at least one red pen, notebook with loose leaf paper and textbook, of course.  

    For Home:   a 5-pack of 11” X 14” poster board (any color), index cards.

    Merci et bon courage!