Somerville High School Physical Education Department will utilize the following criteria to evaluate student understanding and progress in content.

    GRADING BREAKDOWN: A student’s grade will be based on acceptable levels of Student Engagement, Skill Development, Gameplay Strategies & Sportsmanship in a daily format.

    A Final Marking Period Grade in Physical Education will be determined mathematically by a student’s total points earned divided by total points possible. EX: Student earns 108 points out of a possible 120 – Grade for the marking period would be a 90

    Student Engagement & Skill Development + Gameplay Strategies and Sportsmanship:

    This will be determined through teacher observation, along with the student’s ability to apply rules, game strategies and team concepts. Attitudes displayed in the area of sportsmanship, leadership, cooperation, safety, and performance will be evaluated on a daily basis throughout each activity.

    Student Engagement & Skill; Gameplay Strategies & Sportsmanship

    Daily Grade = Possible 2 Points each day student is in class

    2 Points

    Satisfactory Engagement & Sufficient Skill in displayed. Strategies are applied to the activity and good sportsmanship is evident

    1 Point

    Minimal Engagement & Skill. Student does not apply strategies to activities. Safety is not a priority, Poor sportsmanship is displayed and student is uncooperative

    0 Points

    Student did not engage in PE Activity

    Physical Education class will be completed each marking period and course credit will be either earned or denied at the completion of the marking period. Each marking period of enrollment will result in 1.25 credits toward the requirement of 3.75.

    AUTOMATIC FAILURE FOR THE MARKING PERIOD: If a student chooses to not engage in Physical Education a total of 6 days - the student will receive a 50 for the marking period. This policy aligns with the school attendance requirement.

    Physical Education Attire Includes: Sweatpants, Yoga Pants, Gym Shorts, T-Shirts and Sweatshirts are considered acceptable PE attire. Dresses, Skirts, Jeans, Sweaters, and Dress Slacks are NOT acceptable attire for PE and the student will not be permitted to engage. The following is a requirement with respect to all footwear: A closed toe, secured with laces, flat shoe, with a rubber sole and no heel. *If you are unable to obtain proper PE attire, please see a PE Instructor prior to the start of the marking period.

    A student IS required to make up any absence from school that is NOT excused. If the absence

    is not made up, a 2-Point deduction for the day will be assessed.

    OSS/ISS – If a student is assigned OSS/ISS 1 – 3 days they must make up their PE Class - for more than 4 days – the student is required to make up 1⁄2 of the number of days missed.

    A student is NOT required to make up a Physical Education class if:

    •   A Medical Note is provided to our school nurse upon their return to school

    •   A School-Sponsored Class Trip or Activity

    •   Dismissal for an Athletic Team Event

    •   Administration pass

    •   Guidance Office pass

    •   A Music Lesson

    •   AP Exams

      Making up a Physical Education Class

    •   A student cannot make up more than 2 Physical Education classes in any given day.

    •   Physical Education classes may be made up during the school day if the student has a study hall and/or lunch. The student should obtain a gym make-up slip from his/her activity teacher, sign out of study hall or lunch, report to the gymnasium and take class. The make-up teacher will sign and return the make-up slip to the student at the end of class. It is the student’s responsibility to return the signed makeup slip to his/her teacher to receive credit for the class.

    •   If a student does not have lunch or a study hall, arrangements can be made with a Physical Education Teacher before or after school during individual teacher office hour days. (schedule is posted on PE Office doors)

      Locker Room Procedures:

      Students will be assigned a locker for the year. All student belongings are to be placed in their locker and secured (with a personal lock) prior to entering the gymnasium each day. The PE Staff is not responsible for items not secured. *If you are unable to obtain your own lock, please see Mr. Hade to make accommodations.

      

    Lockers are NOT to be shared
    Cell Phones are NOT permitted during class

    No Food or Drink permitted in the locker room

    Grading Codes: The following acronyms will be used by the Physical Education Department to denote a student’s performance on Realtime.

     

      

    A = Unexcused Absence from school or class
    SA = Student Activity = (School Sanctioned Event) School approved class trip,

    music lessons, Athletic Team Events, Administration or Guidance Pass

    MU – One Day medical excuse. The nurse will issue a MU (Make-Up) slip that the student will give to the PE Teacher

    0 = Did not Engage in Class
    1 = Minimal Engagement & Skill (see rubric above)

    MED = Medical absence from school or class
    ■ Students who miss physical education class in excess of 20 days will receive a final

    marking grade of a Medical.

    Structured Option II: Students will receive a P/F for the marking period

    Eligibility: ALL Juniors & Seniors. Students that are members of school sanctioned, NJSIAA athletic offering, the marching band, or color guard will have the opportunity to meet the physical education requirements through alternative methods of activity and through the required instructional sessions throughout the marking period. Structured option II status is NOT offered during required Health Education marking periods. *Students that opt for the alternative will agree that their physical education grade for the assigned marking period will be excluded from their GPA.

    ○ Junior & Senior athletes, marching band, and color guard members can complete the required Option II paperwork on Family ID. Once completed, students will be placed into a study hall during their assigned Physical Education period.

    ○ At the conclusion of the season, the student will return to their normally scheduled physical education period

    • Fall Athletes – Marking Period 1

    • Winter Athletes – Marking periods 2 and 3 – one of which will be a required health section

    • Spring Athletes- Marking period 4