• Somerville Public Schools
    Grade: 10,11, or 12
    Course Description
    Marketing I
    Course Requirements
    Prerequisite: None
    Length of Course: Academic Year
    Credit Value: 5
    The Marketing I course is designed to meet the needs of students who have entered or are
    preparing to enter an occupation requiring competencies in marketing functions, including
    finance, market research, sales, and promotions. Marketing education addresses areas of
    merchandising, publicity, advertising, and provides experiences in the selling process.
    Benchmark assessments are employed to track individual student progress.
    Course Content
    This course will consist of the following units of study:
    • Marketing it All
    • Basic Marketing concepts
    • Promotions
    • Visual Merchandising
    • Publicity and Public Relations
    • Advertising Media
    • Preparing Print Advertisements
    • ~he Nature of Selling
    • The Sales Process
    • Capstone Portfolio
    Course Objectives
    The student will demonstrate the ability to answer in detail the following essential questions: -
    • Why is training in marketing techniques valuable for future careers?
    • How are products presented to persuade purchases?
    • How does a marketing company motivate its salespeople?
    • How many selling display appeal to various customers?
    • What role does publicity play in communication?
    • What determines the best types of media to convey product characteristics?
    • What are the characteristics that enhance printed advertisements?
    • Why is it important to a business that its salespeople help customers make satisfying
    buying decisions?
    Course Objectives (continued)
    • What skills are necessary to close a sale?
    • How many product be marketed?
    Evaluation Process
    A final average of 65% or better is required to be awarded course credit. Throughout the length
    of this course, students may be evaluated on the basis of, but not limited to:
    • Formative Assessments, such as writing prompts, journals, and portfolios
    • Summative Assessments, such as quizzes, tests, and midterm and final examinations
    • Performance Assessments, such as projects and presentations
    • Class Participation
    • Homework
    Specific weights will be determined by course and level.