• Google Apps for Education
    1. Google DriveMacintosh HD:Users:mmcentee:Dropbox:All Files:BBOED_Archive:google drive.jpeg

      1. Drive is a collaborative suite for students and teachers to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and files

      2. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, are similar to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively however they deliver collaborative workspaces for students and staff to further support the learning process

    2. GmailMacintosh HD:Users:mmcentee:Google Drive:GRAPHICS:Gmail.jpeg

      1. Students will have an email address linked to a Somerville Schools Gmail account

      2. Students have the ability to communicate with Somerville District staff and students

      3. Emails and email accounts are District property and subject to monitoring

      4. By default settings, communication with outside sources (non-Somerville staff and students) is restricted unless authorized by the Director of 21st Century Education

        1. Communication with individuals outside of the District may be granted for specific assignments if requested by the teacher and authorized by the Director of 21st Century Education

    3. Google CalendarMacintosh HD:Users:mmcentee:Google Drive:GRAPHICS:Google Calendar.jpeg

      1. Students and teachers can create, edit, and share collaborative calendars for assignments, projects, events, etc.

    4. Google Siteshttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/uJGg6wMfV800lwm6FLXbrgY0JLwNKmpK0H3u0OJnng6qQSldWxYOu6gyf8UtbwE7HgxW7qxS0UdX2kJMrCR0Ic3HMAmk4POvUUePlZUttuZtj5MXYJDOb5I-oT__qjmbS6kV

      1. Students and teachers can create and share webpages to showcase work

    5. Chrome Web StoreMacintosh HD:Users:mmcentee:Google Drive:GRAPHICS:Chrome Web Store.jpeg

      1. Students will have access to district approved educational Apps

      2. Students are unable to download their own Apps however they can request approval by submitting an online form to the Director of 21st Century Education

    6. You Tubehttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1prWrzPoK1NHXxKM8dhoAfcQI5aq745diiVJm9E1KnWzzzvC6UtMdBCZjoijDN29u2BIcNsuBQlP_spruljIVM8DXsVMyOL6Gw2JRUbxpOESRe2n4txrkj1-Spi4-xVaFqTY

      1. Students will have access to educational videos and resources to enhance learning

    7. Google Hangout Macintosh HD:Users:mmcentee:Documents:Google Hangout.jpeg and Google+

      1. Selected students will have access to Google Hangout and Google Plus if requested by the teacher and authorized by the Director of 21st Century Education


    The Somerville Student Chromebook and Google Apps for Education Contract must be signed by all students in grades K-12 and their parents each school year.  This form must be returned to school and kept on file.
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