• 10/13- Tuesday-  US1- Sectionalism Unit Test and Vocab /Discussion Questions for 11.1
    11.1- Resources, Strategies, and Early Battles (360-366)
    1 Civil War
    2 Union
    3 Confederacy
    4 Blockade
    5 Robert E. Lee
    6 Anaconda Plan
    7 Border State
    8 Stonewall Jackson
    9 George B. McClellan
    10 Ulysses S. Grant
    11 Shiloh
    Guided Questions
    1 How did each side's resources and strategies affect the early battles of the war?
    2 What were some strength's and weaknesses of the Union and Confederacy?
    3 What was the goal of the Anaconda Plan?
    4 How did new technology affect the war effort?
    5 Who had the most success in early battles of the war?  Identify a battles as examples.
                                US2- FDR vs Herbert Hoover and the election of 1932 and Vocab/Discussion questions 22.1
    22.1- FDR Offers Relief and Recovery                
    1 Franklin D. Roosevelt
    2 Eleanor Roosevelt
    3 New Deal
    4  Fireside Chat
    5 FDIC
    6  TVA
    7 CCC
    8  NRA
    9 PWA
    10 Charles Coughlin
    11 Huey Long
    Guided Questions                  
    1 How did the New Deal attempt to address the problems of the depression?
    2 How do you think FDR’s earlier jobs and experiences prepared him to serve as president? (See side box on page 733.)
    3 How did FDR’s background and actions help build confidence among the American people?
    4 What actions did Roosevelt take during his first hundred days in office?
    5  What were two major criticisms of FDR’s New Deal economic policies?
    6 Why did President Roosevelt need his wife, Eleanor, to serve as his “eyes and ears”?
    7 How did FDR’s economic policies differ from those of Herbert Hoover?
    10/15- Thursday - US1- Comparison between resources between the North and South/ War Strategies- Vocab is due by end of the Period.
                                  US2- Analysis of FDR's inaugural address and public policies as part of the NEw Deal- Vocab due by end of the Period.