• The "Ville"age Award: This award goes to a staff member that excels in helping at-risk students and students with disabilities.
    Villeage Award


    June 2016: Jill O'Leary

    Mrs. O'Leary, speech therapist, is the June recipient of the Ville-age Award. Mrs. O'Leary goes above and beyond to assist and support the students with whom she works. Mrs. O'Leary uses data to develop and guide her instructional practice and enhances student skill development via constant communication and collaboration with parents and teachers. Mrs. O'Leary effectively creates a classroom environment that promotes rigor balanced with support and encouragement. She is flexible, passionate, conscientious, and creative. Mrs. O'Leary truly embodies what it means to be "ALL in for the Ville!" Congratulations Mrs. O'Leary!


    May 2016: Dave Damaschke

    Mr. Damaschke is the May recipient of the "Ville-age" award. Mr Damaschke has gone above and beyond to meet the diverse academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of his students. Within the collaborative classroom, Mr. Damaschke works with his co-teacher to truly differentiatie his lessons to promote meaning and higer order understanding and application. As a push in teacher for the MAPS program, Mr. Damaschke has also helped support student growth which extends well betond the academic realm. His patience, dedication, enthisiasm and passion for working with students with special needs is remarkable! We are lucky to have Mr. Damaschke in the Ville!


    April 2016: Janet Jacobson

    Mrs. Jacobsonis the April 2016 recipient of the Ville-age Award. Mrs. Jacobson has gone above and beyond for the past four years assisting a student with special needs to navigate the complex academic and social demands of the high school. In addition to her assignment as a one-to-one instructional aide, Mrs. Jacobson has voluntarily extended her service to help and support other students with special needs within the high school setting. Mrs. Jacobson has been a staple figure within the Life Skills class, often using her background in art and music to expand student knowledge base and appreciation in these areas. Mrs. Jacobson is a kind, compassionate and dedicated professional who is truly ALL IN for the students of the Ville!

    March 2016: Michele Turnbull

    Mrs. Turnbull is an outstanding educator who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of students with disabilities. As a member of the Child Study Team who serves as both an LDT-C and Behaviorist, Mrs. Turnbull uses her expertise to develop programs that promote student success academically, socially, and emotionally. Mrs. Turnbull is a team player who regularly collaborates with teachers, parents, administrators and community stakeholders in supporting students. She is an outside the box thinker who creatively solves problems using resources in innovative ways. Mrs. Turnbull truly embodies what it means to be “All In.” Congratulations Mrs. Turnbull!  

    February 2016:  Maureen Navatta

    This months recipient of the "Ville"age Award goes to Maureen Navatta. Maureen contributes to the SHS Life Skills Program by finding resources and materials that meet the individual needs of the students, she has actively recruited peer mentors for the classroom, she volunteers as a co-advisor for the Peer2Peer Recreation Program, and she is always willing to stay after school to help students run the "After School Fuel" snack shop. Maureen is dedicated to the success of the program, and to the students Congratulations Maureen!!!

    January 2016: Patty Willenbrock

    Patty Willenbrock has gone above and beyond to assist a student with special needs during the morning reading program. Leaning about his strengths and needs, Mrs. Willenbrock has worked to tailor an individualized plan to support his success! Thank you for being All In for the Ville Mrs. Willenbrock!

    December 2015: Sharon Schwarz

    Ms. Schwarz has created a new class setting which seems as if it has always been part of the VDV program!  Ms. Schwarz structures the learning to meet the needs of each child.  She collaborates with both the ABA team as well as the grade levels, so instead of isolating her students she is ensuring they are with peers and involved.  The relationship she has developed with her instructional assistants ensures that the students are truly receiving the support they need, both in the classroom and throughout the building.  She is serving as a mentor to a first year teacher, serves on the ScIP Team, chairs the Food Drive and volunteers for other building based events and activities!!

    November 2015: Julie Wilk

    Mrs. Julie Wilk - Julie is an outstanding educator who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Julie spends an incredible amount of time preparing and planning for her students' exposure to real-world experiences and problem-solving strategies, both academically and socially. Julie creates a student-centered learning environment where individual levels of learning are recognized, respected, and challenged. Julie continues to hold high expectations for her students and she creates parent partnerships that build a strong home-school connection.


    October 2015: Karen Stephenson

    Mrs. Karen Stephenson – Mrs. Stephenson has worked collaboratively with the Life Skills staff to develop a program that truly embodies what it means to support students with special needs.  Mrs. Stephenson has created a peer-to-peer mentoring program and regularly engages her students in structured learning experiences within the community setting.  Congratulations Mrs. Stephenson!