• Physics is math intensive. You must show the formulas, math steps and answer for credit.  This includes writing out the original formulas, drawing any pertinent diagrams, showing values of variables, as well as all steps required in the math formula, having correct units, etc.

      • The correct answer with no work may earn you 0-2 out of 5 points.

      • The incorrect answer with work could earn you up to 4 out of 5 points.

    • Each marking period average will be determined through a “total point” system based upon the homework, labs, classwork, projects, quizzes and tests during the quarter. As determined by the district, a student must earn a 65% or higher in order to pass this course and earn credit. 

    •  A Final (Cumulative) exam will be given at the end of the year and is worth 11.12% of your final grade. The other 88.88% comes from your marking period/quarterly grades.


    • For each day a student is absent they will have one day to make up their missed work.

    • If a student is absent the day an assignment is due, the assignment must be turned in the day the student returns to school.

    • If a student is aware they will be absent the day an assignment is due they are expected to hand in the assignment early.

    • Students absent on the day of a test or quiz will make up the test or quiz the day the student returns to school.

    • If a student is absent several days prior to a test or quiz they will only be given the appropriate amount of extra days to make up the test or quiz as long as new material was covered during their absence. If no new material was covered the day(s) the student was absent then the student will be expected to take the test or quiz on the original day of administration or upon their return.

    • Exams not made up in the appropriate time given will result in a zero.

    Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty Policy:

    Plagiarism and academic dishonesty are serious offenses. Students are expected to do their own work. There should be no sharing and/or copying of assignments, answers, papers, essays, slide, etc. Students must give the author(s) credit for any source material used. Students who commit any act of academic dishonesty will receive a zero in that portion of the course work. Acts of academic dishonesty will be reported to the administration.

    If you DO cheat and are caught (or if you are an accessory to cheating, i.e. providing someone with your work so that they can copy it) you will receive:

    • A zero for the assignment;

    • Your parent/guardian and the administration will be notified;

    • If you intend to become a member of the national honor society, a recorded incident of cheating will automatically disqualify you.