You should have your own calculator with sin, cos, tan, functions.  You may NOT use your phone.  Bring the calculator to class every day.  If you do not bring a calculator, you will have to do calculations by hand.


    You will be issued a textbook to use at home.  You do not need to bring it class everyday.  If needed, I will alert you to bring your textbook to class or we will use a classroom set.

    Other Materials:

          2 inch or larger 3 ring binder- with lined paper;
          A pocket folder.
          Pencil/pen for notes
          Colored Pencils or Pens
          Highlighter- Get your favorite color!
          Optional - Index cards/Small metal rings
          Your notes will include many, many diagrams and mathematical equations.  In order to understand what is going on, diagrams, graphs, scales and many more things will be drawn every day.   Things like these below.