• AP Biology Study Log

    Study Log Guidelines

    The following topic outline indicates each major subset of biology. Answer these questions using all of the resources you can get your hands on to create, in your own words, the clearest answer possible, including numerous diagrams/graphs etc. to trigger visual learning. THIS IS YOUR STUDY GUIDE FOR THE EXAM. Taking the time to organize and summarize your notes in this way forces you to go through them in more depth than just looking it over, and helps you identify your areas of struggle. Handwriting notes also helps to reinforce the ideas in your brain.

    The study log should be completed in a standard size composition notebook. Study logs will be checked for completion AND accuracy throughout the year. Study log checks will accumulate into major points each marking period so take this seriously!

    Remember, you may use the Internet to print diagrams that support and supplement your answers- but you may NOT copy and paste text. All answers, INCLUDING REQUIRED DIAGRAMS, must be hand written and within a composition notebook to receive any credit.

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