• Señora Russo       Español  2016-2017


    School website: www.somervilleschools.org


    Required Materials:

    • Chrome book and a Google Drive folder shared with me (Jrusso@somervilleschools.org)
    • Spiral notebook and 2-pocket folder
    • Writing utensils
    • Text book (to be covered and left at home)


    What I expect from you:

    • You should follow all school rules in the Handbook and Classroom contract
    • Consequences:
      • Warning
      • Phone call/email to parents/ Behavioral Form
      • Detention with teacher then Referral to Administration


    What you can expect from me:

    • You are important to me and deserve to be treated with honor and dignity. I hope to show you respect through fairness, understanding, patience and encouragement.
    • I will always be available to help. Please let me know immediately if you’re having a problem, and we’ll work together to help you be successful.
    • I want you to have the maximum opportunity to learn Spanish fluently; as such, I expect to hear Spanish 100% of the time to the best of your ability.


    What to do if you miss class:

    • Check Google classroom! All homework assignments will be posted. It’s also a good idea to contact a trusted classmate.  I have also put a calendar link on my webpage where you can see the homework.
    • It is your responsibility to schedule an appointment with me to make up any missed assessments. This should be done on your first day back in school. Failure to schedule an appointment can result in a penalty of five points per day from the assessment grade.
    • If you’re absent on the day of a pre-announced assessment, but were present on all prior days, expect to make it up immediately upon your return.
    • If you were sick for two or more days leading up to a missed quiz or test, you will receive the equivalent number of days to prepare (but not to exceed four).
    • Tests and quizzes missed due to an unexcused absence/cut will result in a grade of zero.


    Extra help:

    • I’m available for extra help everyday, afterschool in room 305, unless I have a Faculty meeting.  Also, I am available at 7am every day by appointment. My official office hours are on Wednesdays at 2:20.



    Late work:

    • I expect that all work will be ready to hand on by the beginning bell of the class in which it is due (or, if online, by the specified date and time).
    • Work handed in by the second day after the due date will be accepted with a penalty.


    Academic Honesty:

    • There is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating and plagiarism in this class. Academic dishonesty (including the use of online translators) will result in a grade of zero and will be reported to the administration as per school policy.


    Grade distribution:

    Your grade will be based on the following percentages

    • Quizzes and tests – 50%. Tests will be larger point values, and therefor weighted more heavily than quizzes.
    • Oral practice – 10%. This grade is based on effort, not accuracy.  You are required to speak as much Spanish as possible and contribute to classroom discussions and activities
    • Homework- 10%.
    • Graded assignments- 30%. These are larger assignments that may include classwork, group activities, and written assignments completed at home.


    You will be given the opportunity to retake certain sections of a test if you have not mastered the material. In this case you will be given the opportunity to earn half credit back of the section after coming in afterschool for extra help.


    Excellent resources to bookmark on your Chrome book:

    Somervilleschools.org (go to J Russo under the teacher tab)

    Wordreference.com (online dictionary  NEVER USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE OR ANY OTHER TRANSLATION SITE)

    Quizlet.com (easy way to make flashcards)

    Classzone.org (text book practice and activities)

    Verbix.com (instantly conjugate any verb in all its tenses and moods)


       _______________Cut and Keep above information in Spanish Folder____________________


    I have read curriculum map on District Website and agree to the terms of this course syllabus.


    Student signature______________________________________ Date _______________


    Parent/Guardian signature ___________________________________________________


    Email of Parent who would like to be contacted: ___________________________________


    Spanish Class _____________             Period _______________


    Contrato para la clase de español

    Señora Russo


    Welcome to Spanish class!  This year we will engage in many fun and engaging activities, each with the goal of using our best Spanish, whether we are listening, speaking, reading, or writing.  In order to ensure that each and every student has the best possible experience this year, I am asking you to agree to do the following. 


    This year I will:

    • Speak Spanish as often as possible and to the best of my ability. I understand that this might involve stepping outside of my comfort zone, but I know that the best language students don’t stick with what they know, they are willing to STRETCH their abilities to try new things.
    • Treat my classmates, teacher and school property with respect at all times. If we all are taking risks with Spanish, we are bound to make mistakes.  We must know that the Spanish classroom is a place where we all make errors and keep on trying.  NO judgments will be made here.
    • Arrive to class on time and prepared every day. I will have my Chrome book, notebook and writing utensil.  As soon as I enter I will begin work on the warm up.  I will not need to wait for direction each day.
    • Complete my homework daily to the best of my ability. Spanish is a skill much like math.  It requires daily reinforcement to develop proficiency.  There is not enough time in class period for me to get all the practice I need.  I know that I must commit to daily practice at home at well.
    • Ask questions when I do not understand or need help. This can be done during class, before school, or after school.  Russo is here to help me be the best Spanish speaker I can be.
    • Participate in class! I will be given a grade based on my oral practice that I do each day.  This will not be awarded for accuracy, but instead for effort.   I will raise my hand to contribute in class, speak with my partner and group, and use Spanish as much as possible. 
    • Avoid using ANY translation websites. Not only does this constitute cheating, but Sra. Russo will always be able to tell that I am not using my own words and I will receive a 0 for the assignment.


    Consequences for not following these rules include, but are not limited to:

    1. Email or phone communication with home
    2. After school detention
    3. Referral to an administrator
    4. Parent conference


    I, __________________________________________________, promise that I will abide by the rules above.