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    Posted by Kyle Franey on 11/21/2016

    The Somerville Athletic Department and school district assumes no responsibility or liability with an individual's purchase of a Varsity Jacket.  The District has no contract or agreement with any vendor for this type of item.  This optional transaction is strictly between a student and the vendor of their choosing.   All issues related to these purchases are between the customer and vendor.  


    Efinger's was the primary contact for majority of Somerville varsity jacket purchases, but they have ceased taking orders as of October of 2016.  Efinger's varsity jackets that our students wear have the following standard attributes:

    • Holloway Style #225101
    • Black Wool Shell
    • Cream Leather Sleeves
    • Wool Byron Collar (Black) with Leather Underside (Cream)
    • All orange on the jacket is Burnt Orange


    There are several local vendors that produce Varsity Jackets for students in our area, but we request that when getting a quote for a jacket that you are not only comfortable with the terms from the vendor, but also that a standard Somerville Varsity jacket is ordered using the attributes from above.   

    • Sports Minded Unlimited by Cozy Embroidery (embroiderer for Efinger's) -  $365 Base Price inclusive of all embellishment for single sport athlete - NOW INCLUDES VARSITY LETTER with Jacket so you can keep your own letter.  Visit your athletic director to try on one of our jackets for sizing, email us at sportsminded@prodigy.net, or stop into the store - 165 Washington Valley Road Warren, NJ 07059 
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