• Van Derveer Elementary School
    Preschool - Grade 2
    2017-18 WIG 

    April Update
    During the first half of the school year, the focus of the Van Derveer Staff was to examine the trends and patterns regarding independent reading.  Students were provided opportunities throughout the instructional day to engage in reading for pleasure. Additionally, a school-wide reading log was created and maintained by every Kindergarten through second grade student.  Students were highly encouraged to log onto myOn, an on-line resource of thousands of texts. The result of these efforts is fostering a community of readers and evidenced in the weekly logs and myOn usage. The final months will be spent creating benchmark expectations and identify barriers and problem-solving solutions to such to support students’ reading success.


    November Update

    The 2017-2018 WIG is the first step in a two year WIG with a goal established that by June 2019 Van Derveer PS-2  will increase the minutes per day the students engage in independent, authentic reading resulting in secure and confident young readers.  The ultimate goal for our students is to create a love of and excitement for reading among all students!

    Our previous two year WIG’s have focused on early literacy skills in young readers.  The final, natural step in this progression is to foster and encourage independent reading.  The Fall was spent collecting more information regarding our students as readers and our classroom routines to support this.